What’s wrong with menstruation without pregnancy?Hurry up and see a doctor!

For female friends, the normal advent of menstruation symbolizes the health of the body. It suggests that women’s ovaries and uterus are in a normal state, and some women will have delayed menstruation without sexual life.The phenomenon will make them particularly worried that they are afraid of their ovarian or uterus problems, but they want to do a related test but do not know what examinations to do. In fact, if women find that their menstruation is always delayed, they can consult a doctor.And do a related inspection.

Generally speaking, a normal menstrual cycle is about one month, and it is normal for the early or delay of the menstrual period or delay for a week.Note that menstruation may occur.If you have no sexual life or exclude pregnancy, you must seek medical treatment in time, and conduct conditioning or related examinations with the help of a doctor.

1. Pelvic examination

The pelvic examination mainly checks whether the pelvic cavity has accumulated inflammation. When inflammation occurs in the pelvic cavity, menstruation will not be able to come on time.

2. Ovarian function test

Ovarian function tests can help check the situation of vaginal falling cells and check whether the ovarian secretion is normal.

Third, laparoscopic examination

Laparoscopic examination can help detect whether the ovary has premature aging or has polycystic ovary, etc. to help judge the reasons for delayed menstruation.

Fourth, B -ultrasound

Through the B -ultrasound, you can find out whether there are uterine diseases and pelvic problems.Female friends need to perform relevant inspections in a timely manner when they are delayed. Only in this way can the causes be found in time, and measures are treated in a timely manner. If the delayed menstruation will cause women’s fertility ability to be affected to some extent.

In this regard, Kang Jiali, chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the First People’s Hospital of Guangzhou City, has been interviewed and said that women often have a delay in menstruation and will cause fertility ability.Sometimes because of endocrine irregularities, the uterine ovaries will be affected, and women’s fertility ability will follow.

In general, if women often have a long period of menstruation, they should be vigilant and seek medical treatment in time to find out that the reason can be treated with the symptoms. In addition, we must maintain good living habits.Let yourself have good sleep quality to make your menstruation come on time.

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