What to watch this week | "Qingyou 4" and "Pick 9" are all officially announced

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Movie information

On April 7, Zhang Xincheng and Sun Qian’s starring love movie "So many Years" officially announced the file to be released on April 28, and officially joined the May 1st.

"So many Years" poster

The film is adapted from the final chapter of the novels of the "Zhenhua Universe" series in August, which tells Chen Jianxia, a girl who grew up in the native family of the heavy male and female.Essence

Poster of "The King of the Sky"

At this point, 15 new films have been scheduled for this year.According to the data of Tao Tickets, "The King of Changsong" is the first set of movies for May 1st this year. The current film ticket platform wants to watch the number of people has exceeded 1.2 million, and it is ranked first.

Although it is known as May 1st, as of April 7, 8 movies have been picked up on April 28 (Friday). 6 movies are scheduled to be on April 29th. At present, only 1 movie is fixed.May 1st.This year’s May 1st holiday is from April 29th to May 3rd, for a total of 5 days.

The current May 1 movie is as follows:

(Changes in the subsequent schedule, please pay attention to surging news)

Released on April 28th

"The King of the Sky"

"Life is unfamiliar"

"Sky Rescue"

"So many years"

"Love You"

"Changsha Night Life"

"翦 赞 赞"


Released on April 29th


"New Pig Man Movie · Super Racing"

"Cosmic Guard: Storm Power"

"Paradise Valley Adventure"

"Princess of the Gemstone of Magic Strange"

"Super cute time and space baby"

May 1st

"Mazhuang Village"

Film Festival Information

What makes fans happier is that the two major domestic film festivals have determined to hold the time.

On April 3, the 13th Beijing International Film Festival held a press conference, announcing that the North Film Festival will be held in Beijing from April 22 to 29.In this North Film Festival, Chinese director Zhang Yimou served as the chairman of the "Temple of Heaven Award". He will work with the judges to take a total of the Ten Ten Awards for the Selection of the Temple of Heaven.

→ The 13th Beijing International Film Festival was held from April 22 to 29.

On April 4, the Organizing Committee of the Shanghai International Film Festival announced that the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival will open on June 9, 2023. On the evening of June 17, the Golden Jue Awards Ceremony was held at the Shanghai Grand Theater.After the day, the whole city film festival.This year marks the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Shanghai International Film Festival.

→ The 25th Shanghai International Film Festival is scheduled to open on June 9th

On April 6, the 76th Cannes Film Festival announced the opening film: "Jeanne Du Barry".Director of "My King", McD Win’s new work, Johnny Depp starred and played Louis XV, Maiwen played his lover Mrs. Dubali.

Movie Box Office

According to the professional version of the lighthouse, as of 14:00 on April 7, the top six films in the box office on the day were: "Longma Spirit", "Journey to the Gong", "Loyal Dog Eight Gong", "Super Hali Ou Brother Movie", "TitanThe Nick "" Cosmic Exploration Editorial Department ".

Because Wednesday (April 5th) is a Qingming holiday, new films are released every day this week.Judging from the current box office trend, "The Spirit of Longma" starring Jackie Chan may have the opportunity to hold the market.

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"Universe Exploration Editorial Department"

On April 6, the box office of "Universe Exploration and Editorial Department" exceeded 30 million yuan.It is not easy to achieve such results.This film is called by fans who love the film -no "big disease", who will go to the movie.

The box office of "Universe Exploration and Editor" exceeds 30 million yuan in posters

In the form of pseudo -records, the film tells the storytelling middle -aged man Tang Zhijun, a editor -in -chief of a science fiction magazine, because of a problem that confuses him for life, and once again embark on the story of looking for aliens.The director of this film is Kong Dashan. The pseudo -documentary short film "The Future of the Future" filmed in 2015 once became popular on the Internet. After watching it, many people’s irony and excessive real images were "greatly shocked" because of the irony in the film.The arrested director Kong Dashan, who is always indulged in self -expression ", also used this short film to let us see his talents.

→ "Cosmic Exploration Editorial Department": What do you leave, in your hometown?

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【TV drama】

TV drama information

Directed by Liu Haibo, the criminal investigation drama "Trident 2" starring Chen Jianbin, Dong Yong, and Hao Ping held a startup ceremony in Qingdao on April 3.

Jiang Shuying, Yang Caiyu, Zhang Jianing, Zhang Huiwen, Li Haofei, Dou Xiao, Wang Anyu, Jing Chao, and Qu Zheming starred in "Ode to Song 4", and will be available on the CCTV-8 TV series channel on April 7.

8 Hitting -Nurtle Sunshine Film and Television Talent Support Plan shortlisted short films: "Cabinet", "Equipment", "God’s Abacus", "Matsushima Moon", "Pulling Black Elima", "The Island", "Green Light" and "Undering" will begin on April 10th at Tencent Video on April 10thBroadcasting, the story involves urban legends, suspense folklore, ancient style, and secondary science fiction … a variety of styles.

"who is he"

The episode ended in the bad tail. Compared with Douban 8.3, the score has fallen to 6.1. It does not rule out the possibility of continuing to continue to fall.

Screenwriter Wu Di for the small composition of "Who are he"

In the face of the audience’s boo, screenwriter Wu Di posted a small composition on Weibo, with sharp words, expressing the inside story of the script in three words. Only the first 8 episodes were from him and Li Fang. After 8 episodes, the script director Sun Yang was completely rewritten.After the plot, there are "lingering love, suspense of suspense, and the puzzle of plain water …"

Although it is not uncommon to change the script halfway, this is also the first time that the screenwriter is directly torn in front of the audience, showing the weak situation of domestic screenwriters in the crew so far, and it may be born in the tailing of the leopard to rotten dramas.

→ Interview | "Who is he" Bao Chengzhi: confront the case and confront himself

"Thirteen Colds of Dust"

The shadow of "Who is he" has not ended, and the new domestic criminal investigation drama is here again.Chen Jianbin partnered with Chen Xiao, a couple of criminal policemen and apprentices who committed the crime after 13 years, and were familiar with the master and apprenticeship. They were also serial murderers.

"Thirteen Colds of Dust" poster

The episode is adapted from Lou Xiaopeng’s novel "The Light of Dark Night", and the author is also the screenwriter.At present, the episode adopts two era cross -narrative methods. Although there is no timeline labeling, it is clear. It is often the evidence of the two eras and the characters.From the detection to reasoning to the attention, the content of the episode itself is relatively solid.

The overall drama style is a realistic modern style and a slightly humorous thirteen years ago. Chen Jianbin is very suitable for this person. The old police officer who retired has counterattacked again for the old case.Essence

I have just broadcast four episodes, hoping that domestic criminal investigation dramas are a little bit angry and get rid of the problem.

"Long Moon Embers"

From the perspective of Xianxia drama, the storytelling method of "Long Moon Embers" is more special.The Xianxia drama that I watched as usual is basically the prosperous period of peace, and the appearance of a "demon" makes the world unhappy."Long Moon Embers" is the beginning of high energy. In order to change the terrible reality, the heroine Li Susu was returned to 500 years ago and stopped the birth of the demon.Son, and in the world five hundred years ago, the male and female protagonists have not touched any spells.

"Long Moon Embers" poster

Therefore, even if you are not interested in Xianxia’s drama, you can watch the first six episodes without the threshold. In the life of the world, the story focuses on the character itself. After the heroine goes back, she finds that she is actually the wife of the demon.With the energy to observe the growth process of Yantai Embers and understand his loneliness and pain, why did he finally become a demon.Looking at the plot introduction, in the process of getting along in the later period, the two gradually had feelings, and Li Susu also changed the idea that he had to kill Yantai Emblios five hundred years ago.Essence

Whether you like Xianxia drama or not, "Long Moon Ember Ming" can be chased.

"The Most Fireworks"

This is a small sweet drama with a lot of water, without any familiar actor, but the texture is not bad.

"The Most Eat Human Fireworks" poster

Don’t be too entangled with the logic of the emotional line. The love in the world of idol dramas is sufficient as long as the love is sweet, and there is no need to be reasonable.It was rejected again, and Si Qing just had half the disability of Grandpa Jing Chen who wanted to have been for many years.In order to make Grandpa’s wish, Jing Chen promised to marry Si Qing.Hurry up, the fourth episode of the male and female protagonists receives a certificate.It is rare to understand the heroine’s longing for a family, but it is still rare to fall into this point.However, all of this is the theme of love first and love. After receiving the certificate, Jing Chen is simply the incarnation of the perfect actor. It can be understood that Si Qing’s fragility, pain and even vanity.Sample.

The emotional line routine, but this drama does have the advantages of standing out. For example, Jing Chen is a non -heritage cultural heir, to do cultural relics, and live in the scenic area.Very real, never dare to resign, to the vanity in front of colleagues, as well as gaze encountered in the workplace, male client bullying, and difficulties in leaders.

Overall, it is very suitable as a small sweet drama for meals.


"Three Live Friends CP" has opened a living life. This show shows that Wu Lei’s younger brother’s sexual tension officially launched."Love" is very important to hold the real needs of my sister’s love. Is my sister love just a cute brother brings freshness to life?Of course, it is not that sister -in -law love is just a superficial age difference. The true meaning of "love" is always the value of mutual salvation.

"Love" has been created in 2023 The popularity of the broadcast platform station

The setting of the Elite Sister X in the Vitality Sports Teenpacing Sister Sister Sister is full of BUFF. Although there may not be the stimulus of life and death like Dark Glory Sister CP, the support of life ideals and professional roads is closer to ordinary people. ""Dreaming" posture.

"Wait for me to return to the field, play a better game, earn enough bonuses to return you immediately!" "Whether as a boyfriend or a player, I don’t want to owe this."Mature younger brother, who would dislike it when I saw it?

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【Variety Show】

"Hi, City Hunter"

Observation of the reality show "Hi, City Hunter" has broadcast the second issue this week.After the seven candidates completed their first mission, they resumed. Lu Zelin finally won the first place in the first task with strong affinity and communication ability.Little and the lowest vote.In response

Candidate’s lip, tongue sword

The hunting field observers still export the hot issues around the show on the hot issues of young people in the show in the show, which has continuously resonated in the workplace.When seeing the candidate screening resumes, Du Hua and Yang Tianzhen shared from the BOSS perspective what kind of resume is most likely to be seen by Party A.Yang Tianzhen said that the most important thing is to have highlights and real performance, not the accumulation of information.Du Hua said that he is most important to pay attention to honesty and stability, and he will definitely make a back tone on your resume.

"Extreme Challenge" Season 9

The ninth season of Oriental Satellite TV’s "Extreme Challenge" will meet the audience at 21 o’clock every Sunday from April, and the future journey is about to start.In the ninth season, the theme of "9 Miyin, one without ahead", focusing on people’s lives, showing the real side of life downright, passing the warmth of life through the program, and giving the audience the courage to overcome difficulties.

On April 7th, the official Weibo of "Extreme Challenge" released the ninth season of the guest silhouette poster

As a national variety show that has gone through the eight seasons, the "Extreme Challenge" this season sets the theme as "9 Mi -new, and there is no advance", which not only contains a review of the past, but also shows the courage to challenge the future.

In the ninth season, not only pays attention to the great narrative, but also cares about the daily topics of the public, be the "old friend" of the audience, uses the details of life as the incision, and "see the big see the big" to glimpse the people’s happy life.

"Youth Travel 4"

"Youth Travels 4" broadcast poster

Zhejiang Satellite TV’s "Youth Travels" in the fourth quarter official promise file will log in to Zhejiang Satellite TV every Saturday 20:30 from April 8.The first wave of the show gathered Xu Yan, Wang Baoqiang, Yang Di, Chen Zheyuan, Shen Yue, Xu Minghao, Zhang Yizhen to set up the "IF Club", and more members such as Gao Ye and Naza will join them one after another. Guests will go through special travel methods.Experience regional culture.

"2023 TV Drama Quality Ceremony"

"Drama Yao Oriental · 2023 TV Drama Quality Ceremony" will be broadcast on Oriental Satellite TV at 20:30 on April 8th."New" and "Old" faces gathered many guests to surprise the same stage, and they have a lot of views.

Xi Meijuan won the honor of "ingenuity performers"."Quality Giant" You Benchang appeared in surprise, and the award -winning speech of "Guide to Guide" made the audience move to pay tribute. The cooperation in the TV series "Flowers" also led to the origin of Hu Ge and You Benchang.Hai Qing and Lei Jiayin won the honor of "Star of Excellent Quality". In this regard, Hai Qing believes that "the charm of art" gives her the opportunity to experience different lives.Lei Jiayin said that he would go with "the most sincere heart".At the scene, whose surprise appeared, and let Hai Qing turn to tears a few times?

In addition to the warmth scenes, the scene also laughed the same laugh. Yu Hewei reproduced the "uncle circle". Ning Li’s three dialects were switched to freely. Who is the most disciplined in the "World" crew?Why did Lin Xinxin and Wang Luodan transform into the "Northeast Dialect Promotion Ambassador"?How did Zhang Xincheng, Rong Zishan, and Luo Yizhou’s song and dance performances "ignited". What gift did the virtual host "Oriental" give Hu Ge?

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