What to do if the cat’s pregnant cat ringworm

The physical quality of the pregnant cat will be weaker than usual. Under the circumstances of daily care, it is easy to suffer from ringworm or be transmitted to the cat.To help cats treat cat ringworm as soon as possible, or when the female cat gives birth to a cat, catthrophus will be easily transmitted to the kitten. Therefore, the owner can help the cat through the following methods, and the owner can refer to it appropriately.

1. Do a good job of isolation and pay attention to hygiene

When a cat has athletes, the pet owner must do a good job of isolation, because the cat will be uncomfortable when the cat is athlete, and may be scratched everywhere.The owner can temporarily close the cat in the cat cage.Then the owner should do a good job of the cat’s living environment, use pet disinfection water to clean the cats where the cat often moves, and clean all the cat’s daily necessities, and then use it to use it after drying.

2. Treatment of cat ringworm for cats

After isolation and cleaning, the pet owner should deal with cat moss in time, because cat moss breeds faster and it is allowed to spread to the whole body. Therefore, the pet owner should first handle cat ringworm.The owner can first shave the hair around the cat’s athlete, and then spray some meows in where the cat is long.The owner should bring the cat in the Elizabeth circle in a timely manner, and not let the cat lick the moss to avoid adverse situations.

3. Supplement nutrition for cats

During the cat’s cat ringworm, the pet owner must supplement the cat’s nutrition to help the cat’s ringworm, and the cat also needs a certain nutrition during pregnancy, so the pet owner must adjust the cat’s diet.The owner can cook some fish soup, chicken liver porridge, chicken breasts and the like to feed cats, and also strengthen some vitamin effects to strengthen immunity for the skin. Therefore, the owner can mix some Jiaqu Vitamin B in the cat’s food.In addition, it is itchy to help cats reduce the symptoms of itching and restore the cat as soon as possible.

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