What to do if pregnant women have constipation long hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are very common in modern society.Patients with hemorrhoids can be said to abound.Many people are troubled by hemorrhoids.The recurrence of hemorrhoids is painful.Pregnant women have hemorrhoids. It is also a common problem.If pregnant women do not pay attention to life, it is more likely to cause hemorrhoids, which is not a good thing for pregnant women and babies.So what about pregnant women with constipation and long hemorrhoids?

The cause of the hemorrhoids of pregnant women

Pregnant women’s hemorrhoids generally appear in the third trimester, because as the fetus grows day by day, the pregnant woman’s uterus is swollen, and then the vein is compressed, causing blood flow to be blocked.Coupled with the increase in blood supply in the pelvic cavity during pregnancy, the pelvic tissue is relaxed, which has prompted the occurrence and aggravation of hemorrhoids.In addition, because the rectal anus is oppressed and blood stagnation is stagnant, which can also cause hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in pregnant women

1. Constipation.The long hemorrhoids of pregnant women can cause constipation and anal bleeding after the stool, but no blood or black stool.

2. Pain.The hemorrhoids emerge from the anus, showing dark purple long circular lumps, edema surfaces on the surface, normal, hard, painful, and small energy.When the internal hemorrhoids are out of the anus, dark purple hemorrhoids can be seen.

3. Anemia.If the hemorrhoids of pregnant women are not improved for a long time, they will cause anemia to varying degrees.

4. Poisoning.The unsatisfactory defecation caused by hemorrhoids can cause human waste to stay in the intestinal tube. After a long time, the water in the metabolites in the body is evaporated, and it is more difficult to excrete the body. At the same time, some toxins will spread.Absorption by the human body leads to poisoning.

What to do if pregnant women have hemorrhoids

1. Use ice packs to make a few cold compresses for long hemorrhoids every day. Pay attention to the softness of the ice pack with the skin to be soft, which will help eliminate the feeling of swelling and uncomfortable.

2. You can use Chinese medicine therapy to use Chinese medicine compresses to help reduce discomfort.

3. The basis for rehabilitation of anorectal diseases is anal care. The anal care includes the specific anal suspension and breathable when sitting, cleaning the anus and fumigating bath after sitting.Because the anal location is special, it is difficult to keep it clean, and it is easy to be oppressed, so that the wound is difficult to heal, so be sure to pay attention to the anus care.It is recommended to prepare an electric anal to promote healing in advance. There is an electric healing bathtub to help fumigate sitting baths; there are anorectal cleaner for convenience each time it is washed, and anal healing pads are used to suspend and breathable wounds when sitting.Compress the anus.

4. After each stool, use soft, fragrant and clean toilet paper, but the movements should be softer.The colorful, fragrant toilet paper is easy to stimulate the skin, and it is best to avoid it.If bleeding after the occur, you need to use anal disinfection towel in the anus to wipe and disinfect it to completely kill the germs.

5. Through the introduction of this article, you can know that the hemorrhoids of pregnant women can cause constipation. Constipation is one of the symptoms of hemorrhoids.If you are a pregnant woman with hemorrhoids, then you must not want your own hemorrhoids. At that time, it is inevitable that the attack of hemorrhoids in the pregnancy month is inevitable.If your workplace is a pregnant woman, then you better take the method of this article to relieve it.

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