What to do if constipation during pregnancy, share your own method

First of all, I do n’t know why I will be constipated during pregnancy. In the early days of my pregnancy, many people will tell me that I have constipation during pregnancy.Indeed, this problem also appeared after 2 months of pregnancy.I think it may be because of less physical activity after pregnancy, and I am afraid that I am afraid that they will be able to reach the baby.In addition, there are more nutrition and energy that need to be supplemented during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers need to eat a lot of things to ensure the baby’s nutrition, and the stomach also produces overload storage.

1. During pregnancy constipation Banana with fire dragon fruit squeeze juice

I tried this method, a banana, half a dragon fruit, and put a glass of boiled water. If the taste is light, you can put a few pieces of rock sugar, but the mother during pregnancy should pay special attention to her sugar, otherwise the gestational diabetes is not good.Like bananas, it is a fruit with high sugar content, so you can not put rock sugar, or put a few less pieces.After squeezing the juice, you can drink about three cups. Pregnant mothers with a large diet are enough. These are enough for a day. After each squeezing, I basically drink a small day.After a long time, it will be oxidized and darkened.This method has a certain effect on the treatment of constipation.

2. Drink water every day

The importance of drinking water is not tight during pregnancy. Usually we should also pay attention to drinking water, especially now we have a baby, we must pay more attention to drinking water, master the skills of drinking water, drink water every day, drink big mouths, and play a big mouthful.Promote intestinal peristalsis.It is spring, and the fire is relatively large. Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to drinking water. They should usually maintain a good habit. A glass of water is at any time at any time, and often take a sip.Of course, many pregnant mothers will increase the bladder at this time to increase the uterus. When drinking more water, it is easy to go to the toilet.It will increase, and you must change your underwear for cleanliness.

3. Grasp your own bowel movements

I do n’t know if you have found that your pregnant mothers have found that their bowel movements are regular.At first I didn’t find this problem. After I was pregnant, I was at home. I went to sleep at 9:00 every morning, and I did not stool for a day. LaterWhen Zhong wakes up, that is, at this time, I will defecate every morning, but once I sleep at this time, I will not defecate for a day.There were two small belly up, and I thought I was tired and I dared not move that afternoon. It was normal to think that the uterus was expanding. In fact, it was caused by constipation.My belly rises.It is easy to discharge, haha.

Well, so much sharing today, do you have pregnant mothers and other ways to relieve constipation? Share a message!

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