What to do after the ancient harem woman is pregnant?The treatment is different, Cixi is most enviable for women

Pregnancy in ancient times is a major event, because it indicates that heralding the successful generation.So pregnant women have been valued since ancient times.If you can get married to the royal family, the treatment is not ordinary.

According to historical records, although the concubine and the palace girl in the ancient palaces were pregnant, there would be a set of systems for protection, but some people may break their lives because of pregnancy.For example, the "Catcat changed prince" during the Southern Song Dynasty, and some maids could only secretly give birth to their children alone because she was afraid of being jealous of her unhappy concubine.

Historically, except for the Northern Wei Dynasty, the concubine of the palace did not dare to give birth to a child. In other times, as long as the emperor’s dragon species was conceived, both concubines and palace women expected their mothers to be expensive in the future.

If one day the emperor likes which maid, and the maid happens to be pregnant, the status will be different from other palace maids.Because the palace girl is pregnant, she must be promoted to the concubine. If the emperor continues to like it, it will become the queen.But this is just a beautiful wish. For example, Emperor Kangxi liked to be a concubine at a time, and he was named the concubine at the age of 60. He was forgotten by Kangxi for a lifetime.

Of course, the hoode women’s treatment after pregnancy is also different.The queen will be treated at the highest level, including eating and drinking Lasa to sleep, there will be special care of people, as well as Taiyi regular pulse, and the low status of the harem woman depends on the emperor’s son. If the emperor’s son has fewBecome the hope of the emperor.

According to historical records, after Cixi was pregnant, it happened that Xianfeng had no son at that time, so Cixi became Xianfeng’s hope, and Xianfeng was very happy to give Cixi a courtyard alone.This is not the case, Xianfeng also sent a special person to serve Cixi.According to information, 30 people serve Cixi, which have both specialty and nutritional, as well as experienced women, of course, and of course, they are indispensable.Moreover, the mother of Cixi was approved by Xianfeng to enter the palace to serve Cixi for three months, creating the most time to accompany her mother -in -law’s mother to enter the palace.Therefore, Cixi has the best treatment, and no one can compare.

Cixi was also very angry, and actually gave birth to Xianfeng’s son, that is, the later emperor Tongzhi.Cixi was also a child, and he had controlled the Qing regime for many years.

Ancient women not only had treatment before pregnancy, but also enjoyed the palace treatment after pregnancy.Because of the dragon species, you must carefully protect the fetus and body in the stomach.

The ancient royal family had long mastered a set of procedures such as pregnancy and childbirth. This program was responsible for the Pharmacy of the Palace.Regarding the origin of the pharmacy, it was available during the Northern Wei Dynasty.Although the Northern Wei Dynasty had the saying that the "mother -in -law died", of course, for the sake of the dynasty, of course, they did not want the harem women who were pregnant, so they were taken care of by the Palace Pharmacy Bureau to formulate a series of systems for medication, eating, nutrition, and giving birth to a series of systems.Those pregnant women have no chance of abortion of fetal abortion.

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