What should women do immediately after pregnancy?

Women want to have healthy and smart babies after pregnancy. When you are pregnant, you must prepare all kinds of preparations. When you do, you must consider the baby in the belly.After confirming that pregnancy, the expectant mothers have many things to do, do the following.

Finding a doctor is to be pregnant. If you just test your pregnancy alone, it is not necessarily accurate. The first time you have to go to the hospital to find a doctor for testing, confirm that you are pregnant, and then do a monthly pregnancy test according to the doctor’s entrustment.

After diagnosis, I have to tell my husband and other family members to let my family know the news that I can get better care, especially in the pregnancy period, the appetite is not good, and always nausea is nauseous. At this timeCare can be eaten smoothly, so that the baby can develop better.

After pregnancy, you must take care of yourself carefully, tell your husband to quit smoking and alcohol, you must quit smoking and alcohol. In addition, you ca n’t take the medicine randomly. Everything must follow the doctor ’s entrustment, otherwise it is easy to cause the baby’ s unhealthy.

Start learning to eat healthy diet. Do not eat drinks, cold drinks, and coffee. Arrange meals reasonably to supplement sufficient nutrition, fresh fruits, coarse grains, and protein that are beneficial to the baby.

To exercise reasonably, in order to be able to give birth to a baby smoothly, we must formulate a reasonable fitness plan, take more walks, do some simple exercise to ensure your health, and at the same time, you can make your baby more smoothly.

Develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early. After pregnancy, especially the baby’s fetal movement in the late pregnancy, the baby’s sleep will affect the sleeping woman’s sleep, and the pregnant woman’s urine frequency in the late pregnancy will affect her sleep. Therefore, pregnant women must have enough rest and sufficient sleep.It is conducive to the development of the baby.

Folic acid should be supplemented after diagnosis, supplement vitamins based on the doctor’s guidance to ensure the health of the baby’s development, and then prepare the baby’s clothes and baby supplies in advance.

These things are what you have to do immediately after pregnancy. Mother -in -law, we can’t.

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