What should I do if there is mucus in my throat in the early stages of pregnancy?

Recently, a friend has been pregnant for 10 weeks. He always has transparent mucus in his throat, obvious vomiting, and low back pain. He feels very uncomfortable. Ask me what to deal with it.

The vomiting of pregnancy occurs in early pregnancy. It takes severe nausea and vomiting as its main symptoms. It is accompanied by dehydration, electrolyte disorders, and acidosis. In severe cases, it can affect the improvement of the fetus and even threatened the patient’s life.At present, the main treatment of western medicine is symptomatic support treatment, that is, to correct electrolyte disorders and sedative treatment through a large amount of fluid.The symptoms of treatment have disappeared naturally.

There are often many patients with pregnant drama spitting clinically, and there are many symptoms that have not been relieved after the symptoms of western medicine. After acupuncture treatment, it can get a good effect.

I also wrote a META analysis of acupuncture to treat pregnancy drama.Results suggest that acupuncture treatment can improve the clinical efficiency of pregnancy drama vomiting and improve clinical symptoms.The British and Canadian guidelines also pointed out that acupuncture presses and acupuncture can be safe and effective for pregnancy and vomiting treatment.

But the symptoms of friends have not yet reached the degree of hospitalization, so I checked the information and gave her some suggestions.

1. Psychological guidance

Most pregnant women are worried that they will cause great psychological pressure to affect the development of the fetus because they cannot eat vomiting. They are worried that the health of pregnant women and abdomen will be affected, which will show strong tension and anxiety.It will affect the mood of pregnant women and aggravate their vomiting symptoms.Therefore, it is necessary to encourage pregnant women so that it is a normal physiological phenomenon that it is not necessary to worry about pregnancy. Excessive psychological burden may cause vomiting to worsen, so it is very important to maintain a good mentality.Family family must also communicate with pregnant women patiently, face up to the disease, establish confidence for pregnant women, and make pregnant women face the drama during pregnancy with a positive and optimistic attitude.

2. Diet guidance

The diet is mainly light and easy to digest. Try to eat less high fat, too greasy, too cold and overheated, spicy and irritating foods: such as coffee, strong tea, etc., eat less meals, reduce the burden on the stomach, and avoid eating too full.Causes vomiting.Avoid eating sweet food, causing excessive gastric acid secretion to cause vomiting. You can eat some alkaline foods (such as soda biscuits, tomatoes, carrots, etc.). You should eat more foods rich in high -quality protein and carbohydrates.

3. Healthy living habits

(1) Establish a good living habit to avoid vomiting from being too long and overnight to cause the empty time;

(2) Pay attention to bed rest, the indoor environment is quiet and ventilated, reducing unpleasant scenes and odors within the range of sight;

(3) Rinse your mouth in time after vomiting and pay attention to oral hygiene;

(4) Arrange life reasonably, listen to prenatal education or go out outdoors to enhance the body’s constitutional rotation;

(5) Family members should care more about pregnant women, help pregnant women to relieve unnecessary concerns, keep pregnant women feel happy, and avoid irritability and emotional excitement.

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine Oral

Generally, traditional Chinese medicine takes dialectical treatment, and there are many Chinese medicine syndrome for pregnancy and drama vomiting.Generally, medication is required to go to the Chinese Medicine Department of the regular hospital.

When the symptoms are not serious, you can refer to some traditional Chinese medicines of medical centered homogeneity according to your own situation:

Those with weak spleen and stomach:

Codonopsis: Great qi, strengthen the spleen and nourish qi to help transportation;

Atractylodes: strengthen the spleen and qi, damp dampness and phlegm, and solidify the fetus;

Poria: Spleening and dampness;

Amort, ginger: warm the stomach fall and stop vomiting;

Perilla leaves: aroma turbidity, qi and stomach, passing down qi to stop vomiting, and can be available;

Liver and stomach discomfort and phlegm blockage:

Wu Mei: Nourish Yin Shengjin, Facing Liver Yang;

Coptis: bitter cold and stomach qi;

Scutellaria: Clear heat and fetal fetus;

Zhu Ru: remove annoyance and fall back vomiting;

Chenpi: qi and spleen, dry dampness and phlegm;

Dharma Banxia: dry dampness and phlegm;

Two injuries of Qi Yin:

Prince Ginseng, Astragalus: Yiqi, spleen;

Raw ground yellow, Ophiopogon: nourish yin tonic;

Yuzhu: Nourish yin, moistening and dryness, eliminate trouble and quench thirst;

Lu Gen: Clear heat and live Jinjin to stop vomiting;

5. Acupoint massage

Zusanli: On the front and outer legs of the calf, 3 inches under the knee of the outside, and 1 horizontal finger outside the anterior edge of the tibia.


Inner pass: On the side of the forearm, 2 inches on the horizontal line of the wrist, between the palm muscle and the radial wrist flexor.

Internal customs

Gongsun: The inner edge of the foot is the front and bottom of the base of the first metatarsal bone.


Gently rub the acupuncture points with your thumb or index finger, 3-5 minutes each time, once a day.

Many people will say that I will be like this for more than 10 weeks now. What should I do for so long?For pregnant women with pregnancy vomiting, there is no need to worry too much.Because in 2015 "Diagnosis and Clinical Treatment Expert Consensus of Pregnancy Drama" mentioned that about 50%of pregnant women in early pregnancy will cause nausea and vomiting, 25%are nausea and no vomiting, and 25%asymptomatic.These symptoms are mostly about 4 weeks of pregnancy, and the most serious at 9 weeks of pregnancy; 60%of pregnant women have eased their symptoms 12 weeks after 12 weeks of pregnancy, 91%of pregnant women are relieved after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and about 10%of pregnant women continue to nausea and vomit during pregnancyEssenceThe recurrence rate of nausea and vomiting is 15.2%again.

It means that half of pregnant women will have nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy, and the symptoms are mostly 4 weeks of pregnancy.At 9 weeks of pregnancy, the most serious.More than half of pregnant women relieve themselves after 12 weeks, and most of them are relieved after 20 weeks.Only a small part of the symptoms of pregnant women will continue the entire pregnancy period.There are also a small number of people recur.

It should be noted that when pregnancy vomiting is severe, it can affect the sound of the fetus and even threatens the life of the patient.Severe pregnancy drama vomiting needs to be treated in a timely manner.


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