What should I do if the dog is pregnant, have you done right?

Many friends of pet dogs now, pet dogs are dog animals that are raised in order to eliminate loneliness or for entertainment, or dogs that are raised for non -economic purposes.Dogs are spiritual animals that have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years. Its sense of smell is sensitive, agile, understanding, and loyal to the owner.

Xiao Bomei, the aunt in Xiaobian Community, died of dystocia, so Xiaobian checked some knowledge about dogs and dogs to share with everyone.

The "quasi -mother" period of female dogs is about 63 days.About 20 days after mating, there will be no appetite, vomiting and other phenomena.Later, the appetite returned to normal, and the breasts gradually swollen. Experienced owners could feel the number of tires after about the fourth week.During pregnancy, the amount of "quasi -mother" eats much larger than usual, and the abdomen will increase rapidly.At this time, you must pay attention to given high nutritional foods, and you can add some nutrients such as calcium powder and cod liver oil to the food.At the same time, it should be allowed to perform sufficient exercise to promote the development of fetal bones.Ensure that "women" have good physical strength, so that they will not cause dystocia due to excessive physical strength.As the fetus grows, the gastrointestinal of the "expectant mother" will be oppressed by the uterus. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the method of eating less and meals, which can be fed 5-6 times a day.In the late pregnancy, do not let it do fierce exercise, especially the actions such as beating and climbing should be avoided.At the same time, you should stop taking a bath.

Arrangement before pregnancy:

1. In addition to a certain essence feed in the dog’s diet, from 20 days after mating, meat, fish powder, bone powder, eggs, vegetables, etc. can be appropriately increased.After 45 days, eat less meals a day (3-4 meals).Before childbirth, you must feed the digestive food and provide sufficient drinking water.

2. During pregnancy, the number of bitches will increase.You can try to replenish some iron.

3. Calcium is also very important.After the nutrition is made up, there is a puppy with strength.

In the first step of the dog’s mother, the dog mother will have pain and uneasy expression due to the shrinkage of the uterus.From the beginning of the dog’s mother, to the process of the baby’s birth and leaving the mother, the time for each dog baby will only take about one hour. If it exceeds one hour, you should contact the veterinarian immediately.When each dog baby is born, it will be wrapped in a thin layer of placenta film. At this time, the dog’s mother will bite the dog’s umbilical cord and licked the film with their mouths, so that the dog baby can breathe a large mouth, and then the cuteness will be cute.The dog baby slowly licked.A few minutes after the babies of the dogs are born, they will immediately crawl to the dog’s mother’s belly to suck breast milk. When the last dog baby is born, the dog mother will feel easier and stretch the body to the side to facilitate breastfeeding and feeding all the ones.Babies.In addition, it is necessary to remind that when the dog mother gave birth to the last dog baby (or when the production was stopped), the veterinarian should immediately check to confirm whether there is a dog baby who is not born, so as not to endanger the safety of the dog’s mother and the baby’s unborn dog baby.If the dog mother has any abnormalities in the process of production, or signs of danger of life, she should also contact the veterinarian immediately.

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