What should I do if the birth of blood sugar is detected?Don’t worry, adjust 3 things

The checkup is a thing that pregnant mothers must treat them carefully. They must go to the hospital on time to conduct a check -up. This can ensure that the child’s normal growth and development can also be found in time.So what should I do if I find that the blood sugar is high?Let’s take a look at it together.

1. Diet control and adjustment

Many expectant mothers have been detected in high blood sugar during pregnancy, and high blood sugar during pregnancy will lead to the advent of diabetes during pregnancy.Because the mother’s body is special during pregnancy, it is extremely easy to cause hyperglycemia.What mothers should understand that they do not have to make up for special supplements during pregnancy. They must make nourishment according to their physical conditions, instead of eating some supplements or foods I want to eat.Especially during pregnancy, many women will have excess nutrition, that is, they have made up their heads.Therefore, a small amount of meals should be made during pregnancy, and you must eat regularly on time. Be sure to eat more foods rich in dietary fiber and eat more coarse grains and vegetables.

Many expectant mothers are delicious sweets during pregnancy, which is also a wrong way to eat.During pregnancy, you must control it and not eat more sweets, and reduce high sugar fruit or desserts so that you can ensure that the sugar inside the body will not be too easy.In the staple food, it is necessary to appropriately increase protein, drink more soup porridge, mainly green vegetables, and a small amount of staple food, because only this can control your blood sugar level well.

2. Moderate exercise should be moderate

Women during pregnancy must control their weight. Many expectant mothers will make up for special supplements during pregnancy and cause the body to be too obese. This is not good.During pregnancy, you must pay attention to controlling weight. Do not be too lazy. Stick to exercise, and perform some healthy exercises regularly according to your physical condition.Choose more aerobic exercises, of course, you can also choose some exercises or yoga that are suitable for pregnancy.

You must also observe and detect your own weight during pregnancy. Do not increase your weight too much per week. If you are healthy or edema if you insist on exercise or diet, you need to go to the hospital for detailed inspection to check for detailed examinations.To understand the reasons why you are inexplicable.

3. Monitor blood sugar regularly

During pregnancy, you must do a blood glucose test during each checkup. Once you find that the blood sugar is increased, you must consult a doctor in detail.Those who have conditions can also use some blood glucose detection instruments at home. Be sure to achieve regular blood sugar testing, especially in the middle and late period of women’s pregnancy. Be careful to monitor blood sugar at a time.

It is found that high blood sugar must be paid to during the birth check, otherwise gestational diabetes will occur. Gestational diabetes will have a great impact on the growth and development of the fetus, and may even cause the fetal deformity. Thereforeis very important.

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