What should I do if pregnant women have gallstones?

Women’s pregnancy is not only an important factor in gallbladder stones, but also leads to more likely to occur during pregnancy.Acute cholecystitis and gallstones are more common abdomen during pregnancy, second only to acute appendicitis, ranking second.This is with the changes in the shape and function of gallbladder during pregnancy.First, because estrogen and progesterone (progesterone) will rise rapidly, the cholecies shrinkage decreases, the gallbladder empty is slow, the gallbladder capacity increases, resulting in increased residual amount and bile stasis;Lack of exercise and other factors, serum cholesterol increases, causing abnormal lipid metabolism.Both can cause cholecystitis, bile duct obstruction, and gallstones.

· What should I do if pregnant women have gallbladder stones?

1. The treatment principle of pregnant women

The treatment method is mainly divided into conservative treatment (controlling diet, drug treatment) and surgical treatment. The treatment principle is:

(1) Gallbladder stones during pregnancy, no symptoms do not need to be processed for the time being;

(2) Patients with acute cholecystitis during pregnancy are mainly conservative treatment, properly control the diet, relieve symptoms, and give antibiotics to prevent infection, eliminate complications;

(3) Surgical treatment if necessary.

2. Conservative treatment of pregnant women

(1) Control the diet

Patients with severe illnesses should be fast; symptoms of mild patients should ban fat diets; high sugar, high protein, low -fat, and low cholesterol diets can be given.Properly supplement liquid, supplement vitamins, correct water and electrolyte imbalances, avoid a large amount of high -fat and high -protein diet at one time, and avoid cholesterol -rich foods such as villain and yolk in animals;food.

(2) Drug treatment

It is mainly based on the treatment of antispassemia and analgesic and anti -infective drugs. The symptoms of gallstones in pregnant women cannot be abused and randomly used during the occurrence of the symptoms of gallstones.There are many taboos for pregnant women’s medication. Improper treatment is prone to abortion and fetal malformations. It is best to be diagnosed by surgeons and obstetricians.

3. Surgical treatment of pregnant women

(1) In patients with gallbladder stones in pregnant women, surgery should be avoided as much as possible. Most acute cholecystitis can be relieved after conservative treatment.

(2) Practice proves that clinically suggesting that during emergency surgery, pregnancy should not hinder surgical decision -making, but severe acute abdomen will increase the mortality of the fetus and pregnant women.

(3) Surgical surgery in early pregnancy can easily cause miscarriage. Surgery surgery in the third trimester is likely to induce premature birth. The second trimester (13-28 weeks of pregnancy) is a relatively safe surgical treatment period.

(4) The main treatment methods of surgery include: meridian and hepatoplastin pipe drainage (PTGD), PTGD under ultrasound guidance, which reduces the safety risk of pregnant women and fetuses to minimize. It is a safe, simple, minimally invasive treatment treatmentMethod; laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) is one of the ways to treat emergency surgery.

· The effect of gallbladder stones for pregnant women on the fetus

1. Temptation of abortion

The fever and pain caused by acute cholecystitis and gallstones can cause hypoxia and contraction in the fetus, induced contractions, and cause fetal abortion and premature birth. It may also be complicated by biliary embossing perforation, cholangitis, acute pancreatitis and other severe illnesses.Life is threatened.

2. Drug treatment and surgical treatment affect fetal health and development

If gallbladder necrosis, perforation and bile peritonitis occur during pregnancy, do you choose drug treatment or surgery?Drugs, even if the conservative treatment is successful at this time, whether the drug has an impact on the fetus, the medical is currently not concluded; if the mother is surgically treated, it will inevitably cause greater risk to the fetus.

· Do you want to do it before pregnancy?

The dangers of gallstones during pregnancy are greater than usual, and prevention is the best choice.For patients with gallstones with fertility, neither ignore stones nor excessive panic.It is necessary to combine its own conditions, gallbladder and stones, to fully evaluate and formulate individualized treatment suggestions before pregnancy to achieve safe and happy conception and pregnancy.

1. Looking forward to treatment (observation)

For patients who have a large gallbladder stones, the risk of incarceration is less risk, and the patient is asymptomatic. For patients who do not undergo surgery for the time being, they can use the method of expecting treatment (observation), but for these pregnant women, they must develop a good one in daily life in daily life.Living habits, strictly avoid overeating, do not have psychological pressure, maintain a happy mood, and regular B -ultrasound review.

2. Surgical treatment

For those who have more gallbladder stones, small diameter, and easily falling into the bile tube leading bile tubulitis and pancreatitis; gallbladder stones are accompanied by obvious symptoms or repeated cholecystitis. In order to ensure the safety of mothers and children during pregnancy, it is recommendedPregnant.Two methods: gallbladder stones surgery: laparoscopic gallbladder and minimally invasive gallbladder.

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