What should I do if pregnant women have a bad cough? You can take these Chinese medicines and have no effect on your baby!

Xiaobian is also a pregnant woman. It has been pregnant for more than 7 months. The a few days ago, a cold caused a cold due to the fire. Traditional Chinese medicine often said that there was no fire without a cold. As a result, a fever was on the first day.I started coughing in four days, and I had a headache when I cough, because my trachea was not good. I love cough when I had a cold. I often had a bad month when I cough. Moreover, I still have a baby. My cough is painful.The baby always moves …

Many expectant mothers asked, what should I do, always coughing will affect the baby. When I am pregnant, I ca n’t take medicine. I ’m afraid it’ s bad for the baby.Actually not. In the early stages of pregnancy, prospective mothers are best not to take or take medicine, because the children are still developing in the early days, but for mothers in the late pregnancy, mothers can take some medicine appropriately, which has little effect on the child.Take Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine, so that it has little impact on children!However, it is necessary to take it under the premise of the doctor’s guidance. It happened that the father -in -law’s father -in -law was Chinese medicine, so the medicine I took was taken under his guidance. Let me sort out several Chinese medicines:

1. Four seasons cold tablets: It has a good effect on fever headache, runny nose, and sore throat.

2. Antelope clearing lung particles: clearing the lungs and relieving cough, which is effective for occasional colds and cough, but for the frequent cold cough of Xiaobian, the effect is average.

3. Sang Ju Soo: For the beginning of the wind and heat, cough, dry mouth, and sore throat.

4. Xiao Chaihu Granules: Solving the tables of heat dissipation, bitter and dry, dry and dry cough.

5. Chai yellow tablets: for wind and heat, fever, headache, full body discomfort, sore throat and pain.

6, compound grass coral slices: For those with pharyngitis, cough can be relieved.

7. Baihua Cingling Tablets: For cough, phlegm asthma, endless day and night, not sleeping, dry throat thirst, and difficulty in breathing, the medicine is a bit cold.

8. If the above medicine is not used for you, then I suggest expectant mothers to find a Chinese medicine medicine to see it, grab the sub -Chinese medicine to drink, although it is very bitter, but for the baby, this is nothing.

In addition to taking medicine, expectant mothers also have to rest, drink plenty of water, boil some pear soup to drink, and wish that expectant mothers who have a cold like me can recover as soon as possible, and get better soon for the baby!IntersectionIntersection

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