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During the epidemic, pregnant women are special groups that need to be protected.How can pregnant women do a good job of protecting?What should I do if infected?

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On December 19th, Li Li, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics department of Wuhan Central Hospital, was a live broadcast of the "Prevention or Treatment" series of live broadcasts, answering questions for the majority of netizens.Essence

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Sometimes the inspection required for the effect must be done on time

Polar News: Compared with ordinary people, are pregnant women more likely to be infected with new crown viruses?Will the symptoms more serious after infection?

Li Li: From the current clinical data, the probability of pregnant women infected with new coronal viruses is similar to ordinary people. Most of the pregnant women’s infection is similar to ordinary people, mainly asymptomatic and mild.Therefore, pregnant mothers and new mothers don’t need to worry about it.

Polar News: What should I do if there is a infected person or a dense person around a pregnant woman?How should pregnant women strengthen their own protection?

Li Li: If there is a close -up and infected person around the maternal maternal, it is recommended to keep a certain distance from them under conditional conditions. It is best to live in different places and maintain an isolation state.If the housing conditions of the family are not allowed to be completely isolated, it is recommended that infected people live in a relatively independent space, leaving the remaining relatively clean space to pregnant women.If you can’t avoid contact, the maternal maternal must wear a mask strictly when contacting and keep a distance of more than one meter.

Polar News: When conditions are not allowed, what are the examinations during pregnancy to be appropriately delayed and what examinations must be done on time?

Li Li: We generally recommend that pregnant mothers are checked on time, but we must do a good job of protecting during the checkup. For example, wearing a mask, wearing gloves when you go out, cleaning clothes after going home, and making personal cleaning.

What needs to be emphasized here is that because many check-ups are sometimes effective, they must be done according to the requirements. For example, the NT examination of the early pregnancy of pregnant mothers must be done at 11-13+6 weeks, and the inspection of the invasive DNA must be in the inspection.If you do it at 14-20 weeks, these sometimes requirements for the requirements of the effect, pregnant mothers must do it on time.There are some conventional examinations, such as doctors are tall, abdominal circumference, fetal heart monitoring, etc., they can be properly pushed back when conditions are not allowed, but they should pay attention to fetal heart movement at home.Many pregnant mothers now have a fetal heart at home. We can listen to the fetal heart at home. If the fetal movement changes, it is recommended that pregnant mothers still protect the hospital for examination.

Jimu News: If you really need to go out, how should pregnant women do daily protection during the process of life and medical treatment?

Li Li: The first is to avoid places where there are many people, as well as a relatively closed environment such as supermarkets and shopping malls. If you need exercise, you should choose less people when you are relatively small and the weather is better. The second point isEven if you go out to a place with few people, you must wear a mask.For handrails or other places, you must wash your hands. If you touch your hands, do not touch your eyes, noses, and mouths. You must change your clothes when you go home. If you have the conditions, you can wash your hair.

After the new crown during pregnancy, high fever symptoms do not carry it hard

Jimu News: One of the problems that many pregnant mothers are very concerned about is that if the new crown virus is infected during pregnancy, will it affect the fetus?

Li Li: At present, the possibility of the new coronary virus is relatively small through the placenta, so this virus may not affect the baby at present.However, some pregnant mothers may experience high fever after infection, with a temperature of 39 degrees, or even 40 degrees.Under such high fever, every time the body temperature of pregnant women rises 1.5 ° C, the risk of bad ending in the palace will greatly increase.So I want to share with pregnant mothers. Do n’t be afraid when you are infected. Hurry up to the hospital for treatment. As long as you are active, most pregnant women and babies can recover quickly.

Polar News: What should I do if I am infected with new crowns during pregnancy?Do you have to be hospitalized or observed?If the symptoms are relatively mild, can I choose home isolation treatment?

Li Li: When the symptoms are very mild, for example, just a little fatigue, slight headache, can be observed at home, home rest and adjustment of diet can help the body’s recovery.However, the following situations may need to be hospitalized: First, the baby’s fetal heart and fetal movement have changed significantly, the fetal movement is significantly reduced, or the fetal heart is abnormal; the second is that the pregnant woman himself has shortness of breath, chest tightness, asthma, etc.The third is that the high fever continues to retire. After 3 days of medication, the body temperature is still above 38.5 ° C. Pregnant women who have these three situations are recommended to be hospitalized.

Many pregnant mothers insist that they are "three -point poisonous medicine". If they are sick, they must carry hard even if they are burned to 39 degrees. They are worried that taking medicine is not good for the baby.As a doctor, I want to emphasize that the effects of the symptoms caused by the disease and the infection of the virus itself on the baby may be far greater than the impact of the bad side effects of the drug itself.When the symptoms of pregnant mothers are relatively mild, they can indeed not take medicine and adjust them through rest and diet, but if the symptoms are severe, such as high fever, severe cough, chest tightness and asthma, they should still take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.For pregnant women, there are also some relatively safer drugs.

Polar News: How should we use medicine after a maternal infection?

Li Li: We generally recommend that pregnant mothers should still take medication under the guidance of a doctor. Pregnant women’s medication is relatively narrow in terms of medication. For antipyretics, acetaminol can be selected.Can be fixed with deretthe.

After the new crown is infected, you can still give your baby breastfeeding

Polar News: What should I do if I want to give birth during the infection?What should I pay attention to when pregnant women infected with new crowns?Can I only choose a caesarean section after infection?

Li Li: The new crown is not a surgical indicator of the cesarean section. Although her mother is infected with the new crown, the physical condition is very good. There is no obstetrics that must be a cesarean section. They can also choose vaginal delivery.Most hospitals now have negative pressure childbirth rooms. This is prepared for pregnant mothers who are specifically infected with new crowns, so even if they are infected, if there is a wish of vaginal delivery, this method can still be adopted.

Polar news: Can the mother after the infected maternal be breastfeed?

Li Li: From the current clinical point of view, even infected with new crowns, breast milk basically does not contain virus or very low virus content, so it can be given to the baby.

However, the infected breastfeeding involves two difficulties in the two aspects. The first is that the newborn needs to frequently breastfeed feeding. If the mother is in a high fever, maybe her state can not persist in the process of feeding; the second is closely close.Contact, because the mother’s infection is infected, and close contact with the baby will increase the risk of the baby’s infection.Therefore, for mothers with better physical condition and breastfeeding, the method of guidance is that the mother is strictly wearing a mask and correctly wear the N95 mask to reduce the infection of mothers and babies in breathing. Moms must clean their hands and breasts before breastfeeding.In addition, you can also consider using a breast pump to suck the breast milk and let the healthy family members feed the baby.

Polar News: Is there any matters that need attention during breastfeeding?Is there a different place for the principle of medication and pregnancy?

Li Li: The principle of medication during lactation is similar to that during pregnancy. The principle of choosing drugs during pregnancy is to reduce the impact on the baby through the placenta barrier.The impact on the baby.If you do n’t choose a drug with no milk content, pregnant mothers can also choose the drug used first, suspend breastfeeding in the few days of the medication, and maintain the normal secretion of lactation by the milk suction device.EssenceWhat needs to be reminded is that mothers must not carry no medicine because they are worried about breastfeeding, because when the physical condition is not good, the amount of milk will be reduced, the quality will be reduced, and it will be lost for babies.

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