What should I do if my expectant mother vomits after pregnancy?Don’t panic, these 10 methods help you to relieve your pregnancy easily


Pregnancy is a headache for pregnant mothers. Especially in the first three months, the pregnant mother did not eat well, and she could not sleep well. On the one hand, it was easy to worry about the baby.Don’t worry, we first give a correct understanding and comprehensive understanding of pregnancy, and then use some small methods to relieve it, everything will be fine.

The main cause of pregnancy vomiting:

1. The rapid change of hormones

After pregnancy, the hormones in the expectant mother will change sharply. Because the body cannot bear this drama, pregnancy will occur.

2. Immune response in pregnant mothers

In the early stages of pregnancy, the pregnant mother will produce a kind of immunity to treat the baby as a "foreign body" and want to exclude the baby’s baby.

3. In order to protect the baby

In the early stages of pregnancy, in order to prevent mothers from eating too much, too much movement, some expectant mothers will protect the baby in the way of pregnancy.

The main symptoms of pregnancy vomiting:

Nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite, the severity and duration of their symptoms varies from person to person; those with severe vomiting can not eat, leading to nutritional deficiency and dehydration.Pregnant mothers are nervous and concerned, which will exacerbate vomiting.

Time of pregnancy:

Generally, from the 6th week of pregnancy to disappear to the 12th week. Of course, some pregnant mothers have a shorter pregnancy time, and some are longer, which has something to do with the body and mental state of pregnant mothers.

What about expectant mothers to vomit?How to effectively reduce vomiting?

1. Don’t eat too full, eat more foods that are easy to digest, don’t eat irritating things, eat more vegetables and fruits, chew slowly when eating, you can eat less meals.Some expectant mothers will be easier to be hungry after pregnancy. At this time, it is recommended that pregnant mothers not eat too much, and can eat less meals in order to be able to digest and absorb in time.

2. Pay attention to rest, do not stay up late, try to get as regular as possible, get up early and get up early, you can lie down for half an hour after meals.

3. Don’t be hungry.Frequent starvation is likely to suffer from hypoglycemia and reduce physical resistance. These may make you feel sick and aggravate your pregnancy reaction.You can prepare some snacks such as small biscuits, don’t be hungry.

4. Walk in the fresh air, especially when the sun first comes out in the morning, the air is very good, which can make people feel happy and help reduce pregnancy. If possible, you can go out with the prospective father.

5. You can do some exercise appropriately, such as practicing yoga, gently movement of yoga, and calm mood can make you feel more comfortable.

6. Cultivate personal interests, divert attention, maintain a happy spirit, relieve ideological concerns, do not put attention on the matter of pregnancy whether at home or unitWill live faster, and pregnancy will be much easier.

7. Using lemon, green oranges, grapefruit and other fruits can relieve pregnancy. According to the personal taste of the pregnant mother, you can eat something like a bit of sour plums. The sour taste can relieve some pregnancy.

8. Food cooking is as diverse as possible, one meal and one dish, changing the pattern, according to the different situations and hobbies of the pregnant mother, choosing different ingredients and cooking methods can also effectively alleviate pregnancy.

9. Don’t barely do not like to eat. Although the baby needs a lot of nutrition, if the expectant mothers themselves exclude a kind of food, do n’t force themselves. This is easy to be upset and will aggravate pregnancy, but if you encounter what you want to eat,Don’t hesitate, eat it quickly, because you may not want to eat after this second.

10. If the above methods are invalid, it is recommended that pregnant mothers can find a doctor for help. After soliciting the doctor’s opinion, take vitamin B6 appropriately, or any other supplement, or the antivirus that can be taken safely during pregnancy.

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