What should I do if I lose my pregnancy photos?Netizen: The memory is memory!

Recently, some netizens posted that their pregnancy photos were lost by the studio. Because of the significance and particularity of the period of pregnancy, they felt very collapsed and angry.For a time, the topic of what to do with the loss of my pregnancy photos of the”影 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一.The Research Institute of the rule of law network contacted the netizen. She said that the current parties are difficult to reach the compensation, and rights protection has fallen into a deadlock.

For this topic, many netizens also called themselves in the comment area. They also had similar encounters, not only pregnant photos, but also the loss of wedding photos.Some netizens have suggested that the photo studio is lost, but it is a good memory for consumers in a precious period. It can no longer be restored and re -engraved. Therefore, it is not possible to pay things simply.

Earlier, according to media reports, Ms. Li in Liuzhou spent more than 2,000 yuan during pregnancy to take a pregnant woman in the first photo studio to commemorate.Afterwards, I found that the film studio gave her the negatives of others, and her pregnant woman did not know the film.The 12315 rights protection platform stated that the film studio is wrong with the wrong film, but how to pay for both parties requires negotiation.In order to commemorate her memory during pregnancy, Ms. Liu also participated in group purchase activities of a local photography agency.It contains three sets of clothing, and a set of parent -child clothing. The length of shooting has continued from pregnancy to the baby’s birth.However, when Ms. Liu chose photos, the photographer provided only photos of Ms. Liu, saying that the negatives during pregnancy may be lost.Regarding such special service contract disputes, Lawyer Wang Yi, senior partner of Beijing Yingke (Xi’an) Law Firm and deputy director of the Management Committee, said that as a party for the service, there was a clear breach of contract due to the loss of work errors.Behavior.According to Article 577 of the Civil Code, the studio shall bear the liability for breach of contracts such as continuing to perform, taking remedial measures or compensation losses.Pregnant women based on this type of product with great emotional value and specific commemorative significance, if they cannot be re -auled, according to the "Explanation of Several Issues of the Supreme People’s Court on Determining Civil Introduction Mental Damage Compensation": "If a specific thing of meaning is infringed, if a natural person or a close relative shall submit a lawsuit to the people’s court to request mental damage compensation, the people’s court shall accept it in accordance with the law. "Ownership, the spiritual damage to consumers should be compensated.

At the same time, Lawyer Wang reminded that consumers should pay attention to the comparison of the movie studios, and try to choose a studio with qualifications, large scale, high reputation, and uniform documents.When signing the contract, you should take a detailed understanding of the cost of the entire shooting process and the cost of the later production. We must carefully review the format terms provided by the studio.Once you find that your rights and interests are violated, it is necessary to complain in time to defend rights.(Rule of Law Network)

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