What should I do if I have n’t uninstalled it after 39 weeks?

At 39 weeks, many expectant mothers started to worry ~ Why haven’t they moved?This is how to do?

In fact, don’t worry too much.Most expectant mothers only gave birth to babies at 39-41 weeks.Therefore, it has not been moved in 39 weeks, it is normal. Maybe there are still 2 weeks to wait ~ Gourd is familiar, it is useless to wait ~

Moreover, some expectant mothers may be inaccurate.What’s the meaning?The due date is calculated by the ideal situation of 28 days according to the menstrual cycle, but not all expectant mothers have been menstruation once every 28 days.Everyone’s ovulation is not the same as implantation time.

Therefore, it is best to determine the lower pregnancy week and due date of the head and hip (CRL) in the B -ultrasound in the B -ultrasound in the B -ultrasound. Generally, it is more insurance. Generally, the error does not exceed 5 days.

The due date is calculated completely according to the real menstruation. Sometimes the gap is very large ~ Maybe it is 39 weeks according to the last menstrual menstruation, and it may be only 37 weeks.

By 39 weeks, the best mother should do the most of the inspection and counting the fetal movement on time.

Generally, it is also once a week after 39 weeks. It is close to the due date. In fact, you can also do a fetal supervision once in 2-3 days, and it is more secure ~ But if the expectant mothers feel that the fetal movement is not the same as the flat time, or the contractions are frequent.I have to go to the hospital at any time, not to have to wait a week.

During the checkup, you have to do fetal heart monitoring each time, and you need to do another B -ultrasound near the due date to see the conditions of amniotic fluid, placenta, fetal, etc.If the fetal heart monitoring is not good or the B -ultrasound is abnormal, you have to be hospitalized quickly ~

Specific mothers who have a mothers who have a gestational period or have done cesarean section may suggest that the expectant mothers are hospitalized for delivery at 39 weeks.

General fetal heart monitoring and B -ultrasound examinations are normal, and you can wait for 39 weeks.

If you haven’t moved in 40 weeks, you will check it at least once every 3 days.Generally, after 40 weeks, the risk of hypoxia in the fetus in the fetus will increase.After 41 weeks, this risk will be greater.

Therefore, in 41 weeks, no matter whether the mother is uncomfortable or not, they should be hospitalized for delivery.

After being admitted to the hospital, if everything is normal, you should strive to give birth.It really doesn’t work, and then surgery.

In addition, if the hospital helps the outpatient clinic, the prospective mothers have no surgical indications, they should go to the delivery clinic to perform a vaginal examination, formulate a childbirth plan to prepare for the smooth delivery.

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