What should I do if I have gastric acid after pregnancy?Don’t worry, these 4 kinds of food can help you deal with it

Women will have different discomfort during pregnancy. Among them, gastric acid is a common phenomenon. Women must do it in their hearts after pregnancy.My mood and body are more comfortable.

1. Yam

Yam is an alkaline food. If gastric acid reflux during pregnancy, eating yam can help pregnant women effectively supplement, and the nutrients needed in the body.It has the effect of strengthening the spleen. The most common way to eat yam in our lives is to cut yam into small pieces of porridge and rice with rice. At this time, sugar points will cause excessive gastric acid secretion, so do not be in the pastPut sugar in the porridge.

2. Corn porridge

The food of the pre -interview team has health effects, which can not only alleviate gastric acid, but also strengthen the body and supplement the vitamins and various minerals needed in the body.However, due to the different physical fitness of each of us, a few patients have a reaction of excessive gastric acid secretion after eating corn porridge.Therefore, according to your own situation, choose whether to continue to drink corn porridge.

3. Chenpi bubble water

If women have a sourness during pregnancy, soak water with dried tanned peels can relieve the effect of gastric acid, and Chenpi can not only alleviate gastric acid, but also strengthen the spleen of 2/5 Chenpi every day.Soaking water has a good effect on gastric acid.Drinking water with custardful water is good for alleviating stomach acid.Chenpi can strengthen the spleen and stomach. It is good for pregnant women to drink some Chenpi Shui.You can drink water for a day with a fifth of a complete tangerine skin every day, which is beneficial to gastric acid.

4, peanut

The peanuts contain a large amount of dietary fiber, as well as the minerals needed in the body and some unsaturated fatty acids. Pregnant women can eat some raw peanuts as snacks when it’s okay, not only can it strengthen the spleen, but also increase the protein in the body., But you ca n’t eat too much at one time. Too much use will cause a burden on the body.

At the same time, Vitamin can help pregnant women digest the food and eat food. Pregnant women are prone to bloating. At this time, add some vitamin to make the body’s endocrine cycle operating normally. Only when you feel hungry, you will actively find foodEssence

In addition, carrots have a sweet taste and have a good protective effect on the stomach.However, it should be noted that before eating carrots, we must use salt water to sterilize. Female friends have different degrees of gastric acid during pregnancy. Don’t worry too much at this time. It is normal.At this time, it is best to eat light and irritating foods.

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