What should I do if I get a cold?

Colds often occur during the season. At this time, pregnant women should pay more attention to preventing colds. Pregnant women are easier to catch a cold than ordinary people. Within ten months of pregnancy, the most likely disease of pregnant women is a cold. What should I do if pregnant women have a cold/

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, pregnant women have a cold and cold and windy cold according to the different seasons of the disease and the diseases of the disease.Generally, the cold winter seasons are mainly cold and cold, and the summer is mainly based on wind and heat, but it is not completely judged according to the season.

Wind and cold: fever, fear of cold, and even cold battles, sweating without sweat, sore body, and stuffy nose.

Recommended ginger Suye porridge: Ginger is the best "weapon" to deal with fever, sneezing, sputum and other symptoms. It has the effects of expectorant, cold, qi, and asthma.Pharmacy can be bought.The specific method is: 10 grams of Su Ye and 3 slices of ginger. After boiling the white porridge, put it in, and then open it to eat it.

Wind and cold: fever, swelling of the pharynx, stuffy nose, thirst, dry stool.

Recommended mulberry leaf porridge: 18 grams of mulberry leaves, 10 grams of loquat leaves, 100 grams of sugarcane, 6 grams of mint, 60 grams of rice.Wash and chop the above drugs, add water in an appropriate amount, boil the juice, add rice to cook until the porridge is thick, and take it while hot.

Popular cold: Urgent onset, continuous high fever, and severe symptoms, while nasal congestion, runny nose, and sore throat are not obvious.

Recommended white radish tea porridge: 100 grams of white radish, 5 grams of tea, a moderate amount of salt.First wash the white radish and cook it, add a little salt, boil porridge, and then pour the tea with boiling water for 5 minutes into the porridge.White radish can clear the heat and reduce phlegm. Tea can clear the lung heat, have the effect of rational qi and appetizing, and relieve cough and phlegm.

Before three months of pregnancy, medication is generally taboo, which has a great impact on the fetus. Pregnant women suffer from colds or influenza. They can neither taboo diseases and doctors, because improper medication can also cause fetal malformations.For ordinary colds, drugs that solve heat and analgesic must not be taken, otherwise it may cause fetal heart disease or lip, jaw fissure and other deformities; if it is an epidemic cold and symptoms of infection occur, they can only use penicillin, erythromycin and cephalosporin.The anti -inflammatory drugs are also taken under the guidance of a doctor.The doctor especially reminded the expectant mothers in the early pregnancy that they must go to the hospital for medical treatment in time when they have a cold. Under the guidance of the doctor, the symptomatic medicine can be used to ensure the safety of the fetus to the maximum.

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