What should I do if I frequently trouble you during pregnancy?

As the pressure of life increases, the age of women has repeatedly delayed the age of having children, and the age of childbearing is getting closer to aging.When I finally waited for the stable work and conceived the child, many women found that gynecological diseases followed, and the problem was troublesome every day.Studies have shown that the incidence of vaginitis in women after pregnancy is 29.57 %, rather than 19 % of the incidence of vaginitis in pregnant women.The lower body is always not powerful, what should you do?

Pregnancy is the most important period of a woman’s life. On the surface, this is just a common physiological phenomenon, but as far as individuals are concerned, it is very special.Because women’s bodies will change a lot of changes at the moment of hormone, body shape, weight, and body aspects of the body.On the one hand, this change is to give birth to a healthy baby, and on the other hand, it also brings some trouble to the mother itself.

Under normal circumstances, the vaginal environment and flora restrict each other to reach a balanced state. After pregnancy, high estrogen in the receptor and the increase in the synthesis of glycogen in the vagina. Under the influence of this high estrogen, the positive hydrogen peroxide in the vagina is positiveThe relatively insufficient lactobacillus is conducive to the growth of bacteria; changes in the internal environment help the pathogen adhesion and destroy the balance of the ecological environment in the vagina; coupled with the increased vaginal mucosal congestion, edema and permeability of vaginal mucosa, the vaginal mucosa is easy to damage than before pregnancy.Therefore, various vaginal infections are prone to occur during pregnancy.At this time, after pregnancy, you will find that you are often in a humid state of vulva and are uncomfortable.

In addition, after pregnancy, half of the baby comes from himself and the other half is from his father.Therefore, for pregnant mothers, the baby belongs to a phenomenon of the same transplant, so half of them are their own and what they know, but the other half is something that the body needs to understand and familiar with.More complicated and tangled.For the reproduction of this creature, a woman’s body must have a special change during pregnancy, and the resistance may decrease during pregnancy.Then, when the resistance is low, harmful substances such as bacterial virus can take advantage of it, causing bacterial vaginitis or moldy vaginitis, or other pathogenic infections.

Many pregnant mothers may be particularly worried about a question: Will vaginitis affect the baby directly during pregnancy?The answer is yes.

Different types of vaginal inflammation can cause different symptoms.Generally speaking, the production of most bacterial vaginitis comes from an anaerobic bacteria, which only exists in anaerobic.Generally speaking, women’s vagina is closed, so this bacteria is particularly easy to breed.During pregnancy, the resistance of women’s vagina will decrease, and the pH value will change.So it is particularly easy to cause infection at this time.After the infection, especially in the second trimester, it may invade the fetal membrane and let the fetal membrane break early. This is what we call the water.If the water breaks prematurely, the child is not good, and premature or even miscarriage is prone to occur.

You know, it is normal to break water during delivery.But when the child is not enough, it means that it is not good news to break the water too early when you are pregnant less than 37 weeks.Therefore, vaginal inflammation during pregnancy, doctors often advocate treatment.

In addition, the infection of mold may also be infected by the child during delivery, so the child will have oral infection, which is what we call the kind of goose.After childbirth, some children have a layer of white film in the mouth, which is the infection of mold.

When itching of the vulva, it is accompanied by other symptoms, such as the burning sensation or tingling sensation or tingling in the vulva or vagina, and the vulva is like the feeling of rubbing the vulva by rough clothing. The vulva is swollen and red, and the vaginal discharge is abnormal.Explain that there are problems. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time. After all, there is no trivial matter during pregnancy.After going to the hospital, you need to do the secretion test. Determine which type of vaginitis is determined according to the test results. Under the guidance of a doctor, select medication for treatment, and it is not recommended to use solution or drug for treatment by yourself, because this may increase the symptoms.

During pregnancy, it is not unavailable. You can choose medicines that have no effect on the fetus, but do not taboo diseases and doctors, do not use medicine, and do not buy drugs by yourself.In addition, vaginitis should be thoroughly used when medication. Do not stop the medicine at will due to the reduction of symptoms. After use, you need to go to the hospital for review. Don’t be afraid of trouble.

So, how to ensure vaginal health during pregnancy and keep various infections away from the body?There are several valid Tips below for reference:

First of all, you must choose to wear cotton materials. Do not buy chemical fiber materials, and remember to change them every day. It is best to dry it in the sun in the sun.The place.

Secondly, the usual clothes should also be breathable. Some women think that the first three months of pregnancy should be confidential, otherwise it is not auspicious, so that tight leggings often choose to cover the pregnant belly.Try not to do this!If you really don’t want colleagues to know that you are pregnant, a loose big shirt is a better choice.

Third, when cleaning the private parts, it is best not to use various disinfection cleaners. It should be moderate when cleaning with warm water. Otherwise, it is extremely reversed. Excessive cleaning will easily destroy vaginal flora and cause vaginitis.In addition, when washing clothes socks, you must remember to clean your clothes, underwear, and socks. You cannot put them all together, especially underwear. If you wash it together, the bacteria on other clothes and socks will remain residual.On underwear, this will increase the probability of vaginitis.

In addition to the above content, some studies have shown that properly supplemented probiotics through vagina or orally during pregnancy, which will help to maintain vaginal flora balance.The existing probiotic types include vaginal lactobacillus, as well as oral probiotics.The types of probiotics on the market are diverse, and good and bad are different. It is important to choose regular brands.Pregnant mothers who have repeated vaginitis during pregnancy can try them according to the doctor’s suggestion. In addition, properly supplementing probiotics during pregnancy will also help prevent constipation from preventing constipation.

Comfortable during pregnancy and no private distress, it is essential for pregnant mothers and babies to health!

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