What should I do if I am suffering from epilepsy and pregnancy?Come to listen to expert answers

June 28 is the National Epilepsy Day. About half of the patients with epilepsy in my country, nearly half of which are female patients. Whether patients with epilepsy can have fertility, can medication, will it affect the fetus … This is all female patients with epilepsy. On the issue of very concerned, Dr. Geng Leiyu, deputy chief physician of the Department of Neurology, Affiliated to the University of Southeast University.

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1. Women of epilepsy are not easy to get pregnant?

Deputy Chief Physician Geng Leiyu introduced that the traditional concept believes that the fertility of women with epilepsy is lower than that of ordinary people, and in fact the two are basically the same.However, the three factors may cause patients with epilepsy to be difficult to get pregnant: the seizures interfere with the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonad axis of the endocrine system in the body, causing menstrual cycle disorders and abnormal sex hormone secretion. In addition, some antiepileptic drugs can gain weight and increase weight.It is also an important risk factor affecting pregnancy.Therefore, when taking such drugs, patients should be informed of proper exercise, controlling diet, and avoiding the risk of polycystic ovary in weight gain.In addition, women with epilepsy during fertility are under great pressure, the risk of depression is significantly increased, and the quality of life of patients with depression will decrease significantly, which will affect ovulation and cause infertility.

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2. What should I pay attention to for women’s medication for women?

Can patients with epilepsy continue to take epilepsy drugs in active pregnancy?This is also a question for many patients to consult in the clinic.Deputy Chief Physician Geng Leiyu said that as much as possible to avoid propyrine, it is likely to cause high androgens, weight gain, which may cause polycystic ovary nests, cause menstrual disorders and even menopause.

3. Can women with epilepsy have children?

Experts said that it is not recommended to get pregnant by accident. In principle, the risk of onset during pregnancy is significantly reduced in principle.The milligram/day can effectively reduce the risk of fetal nerve tube abnormalities; 18-20 weeks are recommended to combine ultrasonic and nail protein screening neuroplasma abnormalities as high as 94%-100%.

4. Will the next generation be inherited?

Deputy Chief Physician Geng Leiyu introduced that epilepsy is affected by structural, metabolic, immune, infectious, genetic, unknown causes, etc. The heredity is only one of the causes.According to the cause of epilepsy in patients, secondary epilepsy will not be inherited. If the cause is unknown, it is recommended to improve gene diagnosis. At present, research has found that there are more than 1,000 genes related to epilepsy.

5. Can patients with epilepsy take medicine?

Can I still have anti -epilepsy drugs?Will it affect the baby in the stomach?Experts explained that patients with epilepsy have to control epileptic seizures, which is necessary to take medicine.However, the drug needs to be adjusted accordingly under the guidance of a doctor, while controlling the seizures, but also reducing the adverse effect on the fetus.Women during pregnancy need to monitor the concentration of antiepileptic drugs every 3 months and the last month of pregnancy, adjust the dose of drugs, and better control epileptic seizures.If the medication is stopped, the epileptic seizures during early pregnancy and the decrease in blood oxygen can affect the division of the embryo, leading to abnormal abortion and even abortion.In the middle and late pregnancy, epilepsy may occur in the fetal palace delay, low weight, internal distress of the fetus, and cognitive dysfunction and development of newborn or preschool children.

6. Can women with epilepsy be given birth?

Deputy Chief Physician Geng Leiyu introduced that most female patients with epilepsy can be produced through vagina. Those with no obstetric indicators and seizure control generally do not need cesarean section or childbirth in advance.For a few pregnant women with frequent seizures and high risk of epilepsy, selective cesarean section can be considered.

7. Can women of epilepsy breastfeed?

Breastfeeding is recognized by the huge benefit of baby.Although antiepileptic drugs are secreted from breast milk, breastfeeding is still generally safe.Because antiepileptic drugs are generally spread to milk in a simple diffusion method, which is related to drug molecular weight, protein binding rate, and fat soluble.The concentration of antiepileptic drugs in breast milk is generally low.

Mother takes antiepileptic drugs and insists on breastfeeding, which does not affect her children’s near -term mental movement development.However, during breastfeeding, it should be closely observed whether the newborn has related adverse reactions (drowsiness, difficulty in breastfeeding, excessive irritability, and crying).

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