What should I do if bleeding in the middle and late pregnancy?Most of them are these three reasons!Doctor: Don’t care about pregnant mothers

Be careful when bleeding during pregnancy, don’t have to be scared, you must know what to do?There should be no problem of bleeding throughout pregnancy, no matter how much or less, it should not occur.The cause and importance of bleeding are dependent on the period (three output periods). The blood bleeding during each period is different. Many first pregnant mothers have experienced bleeding and bleeding in the late pregnancy. We need to focus on emphasizing.

1. Will it be unable to keep it?

2. Will it be an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy is the first factor in the death of pregnant mothers due to pregnancy.Every pregnant woman is very scared.The obstetrician and gynecologists have a belief that if the woman is pregnant, it is positive, but the doctor is not particularly happy. They regard each pregnancy situation as an ectopic pregnancy, unless she proves that she is not.Why do you do that?Improve your own alertness, don’t think that you are fine!If it is a carelessness, the problem will come when it is no problem.Only when the doctor is pregnant in the pregnant mother’s palace can the doctor boldly "congratulations" to him.

3. Factors that have nothing to do with pregnancy

For example, cervix, vaginal inflammation, or polyps of cervix growing polyps, these problems will not only bleed in the early stages of pregnancy, but may occur in the middle and late stages.This is one of the reasons why bleeding may be bleeding throughout the pregnancy.

In short, when pregnancy is suffered from bleeding in the early pregnancy, contact the doctor in time.If there is bleeding, the fetal heart is still very good, which may cause coercion abortion, that is, bleeding, but not dropped, usually because the placenta grows low, the placenta is slowly moved to it, the placenta is slowly moved, and the placenta is on it.It’s okay if it is stable.Doctors generally recommend letting pregnant women rest more and avoid the same room. Symptoms will disappear after a month or two.

There are three problems in the next two periods that are more afraid of mothers. They are:

1. Premature birth in the fetus

Why bleed prematurely?After women are pregnant, all gynecological organs such as uterus, cervix, and vagina are congested.Regardless of whether there is a contraction, the cervix will be slowly opened, because congestion allows the cervix to soften. During the opening process, small blood vessels will be torn, which will cause bleeding.If the mother of the full moon calls the redness; the pregnant woman who is not in full moon is likely to be a precursor to premature bleeding due to the changes in cervix.The child’s organs are not mature, and few pregnant women are willing to let their children come to this world prematurely.

Here are reminding pregnant mothers that the fetus is the safest and best place in the world in your belly before the moon is full moon.

2. The preferred cycle

We also mentioned earlier that when you are pregnant, low placenta will cause some bleeding, most of them grow up.However, some of them have not moved up. The cervix is covered by the placenta. It is called the front placenta. The possibility of bleeding around 10-20 weeks of pregnancy is not high. The chance of bleeding will increase after 30 weeks of pregnancy, especiallyActions such as cough, jumping, squatting, etc. will increase abdominal pressure. The abdominal pressure is transmitted to the uterus, and the uterus will be transmitted to the placenta, so it will cause the symptoms of bleeding.””

This situation is very terrible. It is often no pain. The bloody blood is flowing first. Sometimes lying down will disappear, or bleeding, even like opening the faucet.Most of them, so this is a dangerous thing.If the pregnant mother has the front placenta, when there is bleeding, no matter how much, the first thing to think of is to rush to the hospital, because you don’t know if it will stop. If you choose home to wait for observation, you may encounter encounterSomething too late.I found that I couldn’t flow at the hospital. Sitting in the hospital to observe and wait for a while, it is much safer than home.

3. Early peeling on the placenta

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