What physiological changes will happen during pregnancy?Most of these 4 things can’t be avoided. What about you?

When many people are pregnant for the first time, they don’t understand some normal physiological changes in the body. After encountering, they will go to the hospital to find a doctor very nervously.Although it is right to be cautious during pregnancy, it is necessary to know more about common sense and avoid being wasting time to go wrong!Let’s take a look at what normal physiological changes are there in pregnant mothers?

1. The chest feeling rises

Because after pregnancy, the mother’s breasts will develop twice, so it feels normal to have a rise.The reason why this physiological change occurs is related to the secretion of progesterone and estrogen in the body after pregnancy.The main purpose of secreting this hormone to stimulate breast development is to prepare to expand the mammary gland of pregnant mothers and be full after birth.But there is also a disadvantage of the bigger chest, that is, it is easy to sag.Of course, as long as the pregnant mother puts on the breasts that have a good gathering effect and can help the breasts shaped as soon as possible, everything is not a problem!

2. Pregnancy will occur

The reason why pregnancy will occur after pregnancy, and the level of hormones in the body of pregnant mothers rises, stimulating a large amount of stomach acid secretion, causing the sense of fullness of the gastrointestinal tract to be held, so a series of nausea and vomiting will cause a series of nausea and vomiting.Because it is a normal physiological reaction, there is no way to avoid it completely.However, eating light and digestible foods during pregnancy can reduce the degree of pregnancy of pregnant mothers, so as not so much to eat.In addition, maintaining a good mood during pregnancy can also relieve pregnancy to a certain extent, and pregnant mothers can try it.

3. The frequency of going to the toilet is frequent

As the pregnancy time is getting longer and longer, the uterus breeding of the fetus will become larger and larger.However, the space in the pregnant mother is limited, and the location of a organ occupies is more, and naturally it will squeeze the living space of other organs.The pregnant mother became frequent, because the bladder was squeezed to the smaller, and the amount of urine could not be stored, so the pregnant mother needed to excrete from time to time.However, one thing should be noted that if you have to go to work during pregnancy, it is best to bring a disposable toilet pad with you to avoid the bacteria that are contaminated on the toilet when going to the toilet, affecting the health of the pregnant mother and the fetus.

4. It’s easy to feel tired

After pregnancy, the mother’s belly was gained in a baby, and the burden on the body would naturally become heavier, so it was easy to feel tired.In addition, a large amount of nutrients taken by mothers during pregnancy will be given priority to the baby, but the health state of her body will continue to decline, so it will inevitably feel tired.In the face of this situation, pregnant mothers should consume more nutritious foods to ensure that normal supply of fetuses can effectively absorb themselves at the same time, so as not to overdraft.Otherwise, it will affect health, and it will be dangerous in the future.

The above four physical changes are very normal. Don’t be too nervous if the pregnant mother encounters it!

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