What kind of foods can be selected and unavailable for patients with gout?

The gout is a set of diseases caused by the reduction of purine metabolism and/or decreased uric acid excretion.In the past, it was considered that gout is only a popular disease in the West, and it is known as the "wealthy disease". However, in recent years, with the development of the economy and the changes in dietary structure, the prevalence of gout in the crowd has increased.

The main manifestations of clinical manifestations include hyperuricemia (diagnostic standards for hyperuricemia: male uric acid> 420 mol/L; female uric acid> 360 mol/L); acute mononal arthritis of recurrence, leukocytes in joint synoval containing sodium uric acid crystals; Goutstone (cluster of sodium uric acid crystals) is mainly deposited in the joints and around the joints, sometimes leading to malformations or disability; affecting the gouty renal lesions of glomerus, renal tubes, interstitial tissues and blood vessels, and urine urine, urine, and urineRoad stones.The above performance can appear in different combinations.

Eastern inception of acute gout

Often a lot of alcoholism, overeating

Gout is often acute on a large amount of alcoholism, overeating, or eating a large amount of meat in a meal.It is often manifested as the acute seizure of gouty arthritis. The typical symptoms are characterized by sudden illness. Generally, the first attack is at night, 85%-90%is a single joint affected, and the most commonly invaded part is the first metatarsal toe.

Within a few hours, the accumulated joint becomes hot, dark red, swollen, knife cutting or bite-like pain. The peak of pain is about 24-48 hours.Word.

Foods that are not suitable for gout people should choose

The crowd of gout should avoid the amount and frequency of the following types of foods in daily diet or reduce the number of foods:

1. Animal viscera and fish

Gourmet arthritis, regardless of the acute seizure period or chronic stage, it is necessary to pay attention to patients with high purine content for a long time, such as animals, sardines, phoenix fish, dried fish, oysters, clams, catfish, small shrimp, etc.The purine content of dried fish for small fish is 1638.9mg, 295.0 mg of sardines, and 239.0mg of oysters. The above are foods that patients should not eat or taboo for patients with gout.

2. High fructose food

Patients with gout should eat less fruits with higher sweetness, especially fruits with high fructose content.Because the content of fructose in the blood increases, the content of uric acid in blood uric acid and urine increases rapidly, which will cause acute attacks on gout.

3. Seasoning

The purine content of oyster sauce, abalone juice, seafood sauce, shiitake sauce, concentrated chicken sauce and other food seasonings is also very high (foods with high purine, contain 150 mg-1000 mg purine per 100g), and rising rapid blood uric acid will lead to goutywindSeizure.

4. Coffee, strong tea

Drinks such as strong tea, coffee, etc. do not increase the purine content, but they have the effect of excitement and autonomic nerves, aggravate gout, and may also seduce the acute attack of gout.

5. Beer

Everyone knows that gout patients cannot drink beer, because there are a lot of purine in beer, which can increase the concentration of blood uric acid.The impact of alcohol on gout is multi -faceted, and alcohol can promote purine absorption.In addition, alcohol can increase uric acid excretion, increase gout or high uric acid risk.Alcoholism is often the cause of the acute attack of gout.

6. Seed food

Coffee, spinach, bacteria, and plant seeds, dried fruits and other purine content cannot be underestimated. For example, every 100g of soybeans contain 166.5 mg of purine, which belongs to high purine foods and should control its intake.

Foods that gout people should choose

After speaking, the food that is not suitable for gout patients must also recommend some foods suitable for the majority of gout.Some foods contain more sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other elements, and oxidize alkaline ions in the body, so it is called alkaline food.

This kind of food includes various vegetables, fruits, fresh fruit juice, potato, sweet potatoes, seaweed, seaweed, kelp, etc., increase the intake of alkaline food, increase the pH value of the urine, and help the dissolution of uric acid saltWatermelon and winter melon are not only alkaline foods, but also have a diuretic effect, which is beneficial to gout treatment.

Text/Gao Chunhai (Registered Nutritionist, Physician Registered by Tianjin Disease Prevention and Control Center)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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