What is the reason for the dry mouth of pregnant women?

We all know that pregnant women have a special constitution.Sometimes it is easy to dry and dry. In daily life, many people have pregnant children after they get married.For the first time, there is no understanding in many places.What is the reason for the dry mouth of the pregnant woman? What is going on with dry mouth?

What is the reason for pregnant women’s mouth and dry tongue

What is going on with the mouth of pregnant women: caused by physical yin deficiency

After pregnancy, the physical fitness of expectant mothers will change, and most of them will show yin deficiency, and once yin deficiency will cause internal heat, at this time, internal fire will not be timely guidance, and will be hoarded in the body and allows them to allow them to allow them to allow them to allow them to allow them to allow them to be in their bodies and let them make them.Pregnant women always feel dry mouth.


This dry mouth is not just a superficial phenomenon, but inside. The expectant mothers can not fundamentally alleviate the dry mouth through drinking water. They can improve their dry mouth by eating.Eat more cold foods and eat more fruits and vegetables.

What is going on with the mouth of pregnant women: suffering from gestational diabetes

Pregnant women often feel dry, and they are likely to suffer from gestational diabetes.

Symptoms of gestational diabetes: easy to feel hunger, thirst, fatigue, and prone to dizziness, and even fainting, the skin is particularly easy to dry and itching.


If pregnant women have the above symptoms, they must consider whether they are gestational diabetes. It is best to go to the hospital to check blood glucose first.If 50g of sugar screening detection of blood glucose exceeds the standard, and the subsequent checking data, two or more values of more than two items are greater than the standard or a 75g sugar screening detection of empty blood sugar, 1 hour of blood sugar, and 2 hours of blood sugar, or more than 5.1mmol/L., 10.0mmol/L, 8.5mmol/L, can be considered to have gestational diabetes.

what to do:

Pregnant women with diabetes should usually eat more coarse grains, dietary fiber, protein, etc. to avoid eating high sugar -containing foods.If the diet cannot control blood sugar, insulin is applied to control blood glucose levels.

What about pregnant women’s mouth: suffering from pregnancy hypertension

During pregnancy, expectant mothers often have symptoms of dry mouth.


Patients with pregnancy hypertension should pay attention to the birth check -up on time, and always observe their own situation, such as edema, or headaches, and abnormalities should be visited early.You should also monitor blood pressure on weekdays. You can measure each morning and evening and make records.In daily life, you must exercise appropriately and maintain a happy mood. Control the intake of sodium salt, eat more foods containing protein, calcium, zinc, vitamin C, and E to reduce the intake of animal fat.

What happened to pregnant women: get angry

Dry and bitter mouth, Chinese medicine said that it is caused by stomach fire and liver and gallbladder, that is, it is commonly known as fire.Therefore, pregnant women will also lead to dry mouth.


The daily diet is mainly simple and light, usually eating eight treasure porridge, lotus seed porridge, lotus seed white wood ear porridge, lotus seed tea, rose tea, hawthorn tea, severe mouth bitterFry foods such as fried.And keep your mood happy, be angry, and lose less temper.”P”副”E”

What happened to pregnant women’s dry mouth

What’s wrong with the dry mouth of pregnant women: get angry

Pregnant women have improper diet, often eating spicy and irritating foods, coupled with emotional instability, and often losing temper, leading to liver and stomach fire, and stomach fire and liver and gallbladder fire can cause dry mouth to suffer.


1. Pregnant women can get angry through the diet. The diet is mainly simple and light. Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat hot foods such as supplements, greasy, fried and other hot foods.Those with severe mouths can eat more lotus seeds and bitter gourd.

2. Usually relax, do some behaviors that can increase life, can relieve liver and bile, open chest and lust, and reduce the symptoms of fire.

What’s wrong with the dry mouth of pregnant women: suffer from liver and gallbladder disease

Pregnant women suffer from hepatobiliary diseases, especially gallbladder diseases (cholecystitis, cholelinia, etc.). Poor dysfunction or poor stomach movement. Bile reflex to the stomach can cause dry mouth and bitterness.


Pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, confirm the cause, and treat targeted treatment to avoid delaying the condition, delaying treatment time, and causing other complications.

What about pregnant women’s dry mouth and mouth: improper diet

Pregnant women usually eat improperly, such as eating too much spicy and irritating food, overeating, etc., which will cause gastrointestinal function to be dull.Essence


1. Usually eat less spicy and greasy foods, and the food that stimulates the stomach cannot be touched. These things will affect the normal metabolism of the body, which is not conducive to alleviating the dry mouth and bitterness.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables. It is rich in vitamins and cellulose, which will help prevent oxidation in the body and delay aging.In addition, fruits and vegetables belong to foods that are easy to digest and clear the intestines. Eating more can alleviate the problem of gastrointestinal digestion, and naturally helps to treat mouth bitterness.

3. Water is the necessary reaction of various reactions of the human body, so pregnant women must drink more and sleep. When a cup of water in the morning can be added with some honey, which can effectively nourish the stomach and relieve the bitterness of the mouth.Essence

Does it have an impact on the fetus on the fetus?

Pregnant women do not have a direct impact on the fetus, but the symptoms caused by will have some impact on the fetus.

Generally speaking, pregnant women will not affect the fetus, but pregnant women will cause a series of discomfort symptoms, such as loss of appetite, constipation, nosebleeds, etc.When pregnant women get angry, they need to be treated with drugs, or because of fire affecting normal diet, they will have a bad impact on the fetus.Therefore, pregnant women still avoid getting angry.

There is also a saying that when pregnant women getting angry, the fetus will also cause the fetus to get angry easily. For example, the fetus has a lot of eye feces or red eyes after birth, which is related to the fire during pregnancy.

In addition, the fire can make the body accumulate toxin, which is harmful to the body and may affect the development of the fetus.Therefore, pregnant women must pay special attention to avoid getting angry during pregnancy.Diet is light, drinking plenty of water, eating vegetables and fruits can prevent getting angry.

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