What is the reason for the chest and back acne before pregnancy?What can be improved?

After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers find that in addition to their faces, their chests and backs will "acne."These small red red pimples like acne are a kind of folliculitis caused by fungal infection. This kind of fungus is special and likes to stay in a lot of oil. ThereforeAppear.Although it is generally painful and itchy, it affects the beauty.

Generally speaking, the situation of cleaning, moisturizing and sun protection, oil, acne, and acne can usually be relieved, but if you still have acne, you can apply an external ointment.

Some people use sulfur soap to take a bath and feel a bit useful.This is because the alkaline soap base will destroy skin oil and reduce the existence of this fungal, but it cannot kill it. Therefore, if you want to cure, you still have to use antifungal drugs.

1. Ordinary acne, you can use erythromycin ointment and clinithromycin phosphoricate gel

These two ointments can be used safely during pregnancy.Apply the ointment to the red envelope by applying a point, apply it 1 or 2 times a day, and the acne will soon disappear.

Without tangling, after washing your face, it is okay to apply water or apply ointment first.If you are worried that the ointment will not effectively act on acne, you can apply the ointment before using moisturizing products.

2. If it is a larger white pustules or a hard and painful red bump, you can use the doctor’s advice to use Fuxidi acid cream or Mapiro star ointment

These drugs can help kill more bacteria on the surface of the skin, such as Golden Plasma, to promote infection recovery.

The following ointment is not recommended during pregnancy

1. Peroxidine dioxide

Although the oxidation of benzol gel, although it can quickly sterilize and promote acne retreat, it also has strong skin irritation. It is not recommended to use it for pregnant mothers.

Even during non -pregnancy, peroxonal oxide gel needs to be used under the guidance of a doctor to avoid irritating allergic dermatitis.

2. An ointment containing vitamin A acid

Products containing vitamin A acid ingredients, it is best not to use during pregnancy, which affects the baby’s risk.For example, Adapin Gel, Thazarine Milk Ointment or Vita A Aramal Ointment.

If you have been using related drugs to treat acne before pregnancy, it is also recommended to stop as soon as possible after pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy.

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