What is the dizziness of pregnant women?

Dizziness during pregnancy is a common phenomenon. Many pregnant women are worried about whether there is something wrong with her body. What is the dizziness of expectant mothers during pregnancy?Next, I will introduce the reasons for the dizziness of expectant mothers during pregnancy, and find out how to overcome dizziness during pregnancy through analysis of these reasons.

1. Reasons for dizziness during pregnancy during pregnancy 1: Early pregnancy reaction

When we know that after pregnancy, due to the formation of embryo fluff, the velvetic membrane promotes gonadotropin, which causes various discomfort reactions to occur, such as common nausea, vomiting, chest rising, sleepy, depressed, etc.Some pregnant women will have dizziness and drowsiness.These collectively referred to as early pregnancy reactions, because individual differences between individuals have different performance and different weights.Therefore, when there is no contraception, dizziness, drowsiness or nausea, etc., don’t think of me a cold; I am sick; I have high blood pressure …, eager to find medicines.It should be thought that it might be pregnant, early pregnancy reaction, you can rest in bed, and then go to the hospital to check whether you are pregnant. When you can remove your pregnancy, you can consider other diseases.

Overcoming method: This dizzy early pregnancy response can be relieved by rest, listening to music, and diverting attention. The longest will disappear with the disappearance of early pregnancy reactions when the pregnancy reaction disappears.

2. Reasons for dizziness during pregnancy during pregnancy Two: hypoxia

Oxygen is crucial to a pregnant woman, so pregnant women are very sensitive to hypoxia.When pregnant women are hypoxic, the fetus will occur in the palace in the palace due to hypoxia.The oxygen consumption during pregnancy during pregnancy increases by 10%to 20%compared with normal people, but the number of breathing times does not change much, and it does not exceed 20 times per minute.Therefore, when pregnant women are in a low oxygen environment, they will feel dizzy and not breath.

Overcoming method: Therefore, we do not recommend pregnant women to place places with many people and air circulation, such as: KTV privately, cinema, large concerts, subways, supermarkets and other places.Pregnant women should go to the park, wild, air circulation, sufficient oxygen, and beautiful mountains and rivers.

3. Reasons for dizziness during pregnancy during pregnancy 3: Hypoglycemia

The fetus is developing at an amazing speed every day in the mother’s body, and constantly obtains various nutrients from the mother.If some mothers say: I do n’t eat if I do n’t be hungry; I ca n’t take care of meals, etc. I do n’t care about my mother.Mother will have hypoglycemia due to hunger, and dizziness, and even syncope when hypoglycemia will appear.

Methods: Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to the balanced diet as much as possible. Each meal may not be eaten too much, but it must be nutritious to supply the needs of fetal development.In addition, you must pay attention to eating less meals. Children take nutrition from the mother every minute and every second. The mother can eat three meals after eating.Nuts, etc.If you are busy with work or have other reasons, you must bring some chocolates and other temporary supplements.Dizziness and syncope of hypoglycemia will fall, and a more dangerous ending occurs.If the mother’s hypoglycemia can also affect the development of the fetus, the fetal deformity is caused at different stages.

4. Reasons for dizziness during pregnancy during pregnancy 4: anemia

After we are pregnant, the blood capacity of the blood circulation system starts to increase at 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, reaching its peak from 32 to 40 weeks of pregnancy, and maintained to childbirth.The purpose of the increase in blood volume is that the blood flowing to the fetus within the unit time will increase, and the fetus will grow with sufficient nutrients and oxygen.Therefore, the average blood capacity increased by an average of 30%to 40%compared with non -pregnancy, an increase of about 1500 ml.Among them, plasma increased by 40%and red blood cells increased by 20%.It can be seen that the red blood cells increase less, resulting in relatively diluted blood, so pregnant women have low blood pigment.If you don’t pay attention to the intake of iron and supplement vitamins such as protein and folic acid, anemia is prone to occur.When anemia occurs, pregnant women often appear dizzy, or squat together to dizziness.This is caused by lack of blood supply to the brain and hypoxia.

Methods: Pregnant women should pay special attention to supplementing protein foods, such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans, etc., and also emphasize that pregnant women should pay attention to supplementing iron. This is the raw material for hematopoies.The raw materials are supplemented by vitamins to promote iron absorption.Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to the balanced nutrition, and usually pay attention to eating grains, jujube, peanuts, red beans, etc. to eat nut foods, which is good for correcting anemia.Pay attention to regular health care in the hospital, discover anemia in time, and correct them in time to avoid dizziness caused by anemia.

5. Reasons for dizziness during pregnancy during pregnancy 5: Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is a general term for cervical vertebral arthritis, hyperplasia, cervical spondylosis, cervical nerve root syndrome, and cervical disconsection.Mainly due to long -term strain and bone hyperplasia of the cervical spine, cervical spine, nerve roots, or vertebral artery compression.Its main symptoms are head, neck, shoulders, back, arms sore, neck and neck, limited movement.Some are accompanied by dizziness, rotation of houses, and severe cases with nausea and vomiting. They can’t afford bed in bed. A few may have dizziness and fall. This is due to insufficient blood supply to the vertebral artery.Due to the popularization of our computers, many people in the IT industry have severe cervical spondylosis at a young age.

Overcoming method: When pregnant women have dizziness, do not determine that they are cervical spondylosis. They should go to the hospital to ask a doctor to diagnose whether it is dizziness caused by cervical spondylosis, or other reasons.In addition, it is necessary to consider that cervical spondylosis will not simply dizzy, and it will also be accompanied by symptoms such as numb arms, stiff neck and shoulders, so that the condition will not be delayed.

6. Reasons for dizziness during pregnancy during pregnancy 6: Meniel syndrome

Menier’s syndrome is often tinnitus. After the puzzle of tinnitus, suddenly rotating dizziness, rotating or shaking towards the affected side, not standing, nausea, vomiting, pale complexion, cold sweat, some of them can suddenly fainten in some bleeding in some individuals.The ground, but the consciousness is clear that it is its characteristic.The attack time ranges from several minutes to several days, and rarely exceeds 1 to 2 weeks. The symptoms gradually reduced until they completely disappeared.Some people have slightly small attacks after the big hairpin, such as position dizziness or sudden fainting after changing positions. Such patients often need to rest in bed.

Method: Pregnant women should be distinguished from other dizziness when dizziness occurs like this.The first is the history of the Menier syndrome before pregnancy, which is often recurrence during pregnancy.If you can’t determine your doctor, you must ask the doctor to check it, and to diagnose it, and at the same time, you must take into account the state of the fetus in the palace. Do not fall into an accident suddenly.

Kind tips:

Pregnant women shoulder the heavy responsibility of allowing the fetus to grow healthy. Any discomfort in pregnant women will cause abnormalities in the fetal development, especially dizziness. Often due to vascular spasm, hypoxia on the head will cause hypoxia in pregnant women to cause fetal hypoxia. Early early stageThe fetal hypoxia can cause deformity and developmental disorders, and the hypoxia in the middle and late stages directly affects the fetal brain development and intellectual growth.So pregnant women have always attracted attention.

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