What is the disease of "terrible" throat?

The sore throat is the most common in life. Colds, fire, tonsil inflammation, etc. can cause it.But you can see that there is a kind of "sore throat" that will be fatal … Recently, a 26 -year -old young girl had a pain in her throat after eating hot pot, and she went on Weibo for only 10 minutes from her death to her death.What is the disease of this "terrible" throat?Today, doctors come to take out the "real murderer" behind the scenes for everyone.

It is the acute and severe cause of the otolaryngard

The cause of the death of the girl above is acute being hate. Do not underestimate this disease. The first President Washington in the United States died in time because of this disease.It can be seen from news reports that the girl went to eat spicy hot pot after a day of tiredness, causing pain in the throat, but did not cause attention. It was not until the development of breathing difficulties to go to the hospital for treatment.die.

Because many people do not know enough about acute inflammation, some patients have delayed treatment and even killed.For example, such patients often encounter such patients.However, after a doctor’s examination, he told the patient that he would hate inflammation when he had acute acute. When he needed hospitalization, the patient’s response often felt incredible: it was not a cold with a cold.Fake, don’t you lie to me?

In fact, this disease does make people hover on the death line.Acute aversion to inflammation is acute or even explosive. It mainly affects the aversion and surrounding tissue of the upper area of the throat, and is mainly characterized by high edema.Most patients can be cured by treatment; a few patients are dangerous and rapid in their illness, which can cause death due to suffocation. It is one of the acute and severe causing otolaryngus and neck surgery.

Five incentives make the throat hurt "not simple"

It will be on the top of the sound door, and the normal shape is like a "small leaf". When we eat, it can cover the sound door to prevent food from being entered into the airway.When it is swollen due to factors such as infection, the sore throat obviously affects swallowing and eating, and the "small leaves" are swollen into "balloons", which causes suffocation to death.

In life, the more common factor that causes inflammation, there are five:


This is the most common cause.Common in bacterial or virus infections.


Most of them are eating or inhaled foods or gas, causing the height edema of the surrounding mucosa. Generally, the disease can be developed within a few hours of medication or eating. The rescue rate is high.

Trauma and other stimuli

For example, foreign bodies such as fish thorns, inhalation of harmful gases, irritating drinks and food, radioactive damage, etc. can cause inflammatory changes in mucous membranes.

Acute inflammation of adjacent organs

Such as the spread of tonsil inflammation, pharyngitis, nasal and sinusitis.

Will hate cysts and new biological secondary infections

Treatment method depends on the degree of condition

The diagnosis of acute will not be diagnosed in the diagnosis of the otolaryngus and throat and neck surgery clinic. As long as the laryngeal mirror observes the shape, it can be preliminarily judged by combining the patient’s medical history.

Acute aversion to inflammation is the acute and severe disease of the laryngeal department. The principle of treatment is mainly to keep the respiratory tract open and anti -infection.Patients with acute inflammation with less than 24 hours of onset need to stay in the hospital to observe, observe the respiratory changes closely, and prepare for the establishment of artificial airway while treating drug treatment.

medical treatement

Glycotopodia hormone has the effects of edema such as treatment and prevention of disgusting and annoyance, and at the same time, it also has non -specific anti -inflammatory, anti -allergic, and anti -shock effects.In the early days with antibiotics, it can better control the infection.Local treatment of antibiotic and hormone throat atomization inhalation can reduce local edema and promote inflammation.

Surgical treatment

If there is a local abscess to form a feasibility, the pus can be cut; if there are obvious dyspnea, and the intravenous use of antibiotics and glucocorticoids, those who have difficulty breathing difficulties should be performed in time.Tube.

Teach you to distinguish different throat pains

Pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngealitis, and acute inflammation can cause symptoms such as sore throat and fever.How to distinguish it?The fever and sore throat caused by pharyngitis and tonsillitis are generally not accompanied by symptoms of dyspnea.In addition to the above symptoms, laryngitis will cause breathing difficulties, but most of the patients with laryngitis will be accompanied by hoarseness. Patients with acute inflammation are not accompanied by hoarseness, and there will be vague speech.Moreover, the occurrence and development of acute will hate inflammation, and most of the inhalation throat occurs within 24 hours of the onset.Therefore, once swallowing pain is intensified or breathing difficulties, it is important to keep calm, and it is important to seek medical treatment in time.

Below we will talk about the clinical manifestations of dangerous acute acuteness:

The onset of the onset was urgent, and there were few people with a history of more than 6 to 12 hours. Most patients were normal when they fell asleep. At night, they felt sore throat or breathing obstruction. The condition progressed very quickly.Light symptoms are not obvious, and severe cases have chills, fever and general discomfort.

Sore throat

For its main symptoms, the sexuality is aggravated, and the swallow is intensified.

Difficulty breathing

It is mainly based on inhalation of breathing difficulties, and it can be accompanied by inhalation of breath, but the pronunciation is normal.If the condition worsens, it can suffocate quickly.

hard to swallow

The lightness of the throat is blocked, and the heavy case drinks water and coughs.

Change bad habits to prevent recurrence of diseases

When the acute will hate inflammation in time, the body’s resistance decreases again.Especially patients with diabetes, because of urgency and severe illness, will be relatively slow when they get better.In daily life, we can start from the following aspects to prevent acute inflammation.

Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, strengthen exercise appropriately, enhance physical fitness, and improve resistance;

Pay attention to throat pain, nose, tonsils, and throat discomfort need to be seen as soon as possible.Keep oral hygiene and treat acute inflammation of adjacent organs in a timely manner to prevent the spread of infection;

Remove bad habits, life must be regular, do not stay up late, avoid cold.Quit smoking and alcohol, avoid spicy food, eat more fruits and vegetables; patients with diabetes actively control blood sugar.

Text/Du Jingyan (Beijing Chaoyang Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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