What is the difference between a woman after taking off the uterus?The doctor finally spoke the real truth

The uterus is a very important organ for women. It means that the uterus means having the right to be a mother. The strong uterine function is conducive to maintaining the stability of the internal environment and maintaining the normal secretion of estrogen with the ovaries.

In recent years, more and more uterine diseases have been suffered from uterine fibroids and cervical cancer.Some young women think that the menstrual menstruation every month is normal, and it is not taken care of. For a long time, ignore the body, and the uterus must be removed.

So what is the difference between the body after the uterus is removed?If you are more curious and inconvenient, you can follow the doctor to find out.These diseases may cause women to lose the uterus

Uterine rupture

The rupture is rare, but only a few women will suffer from this disease. Once the consequences of the rupture of women’s uterus are unimaginable.

The rupture of the uterine will increase the risk of death and the mortality of the fetus. Women have a uterine rupture during pregnancy. The doctor will choose to repair or remove the uterus to remove the uterus according to the degree of uterine deterioration of the pregnant woman.

Malignant tumor of reproductive system

There are many tumors in women’s reproductive systems and high incidences, such as cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer.These cancers do not need to remove the uterus, but once these cancers are suffering from these cancers, the probability of removing the uterus is 80%.

If it is a malignant tumor, cancer cells have spread to the uterus. In order to prevent the spread of cancer cells, doctors generally recommend that the uterus is removed as soon as possible.

Multi -gymners

If women suffer from multiple uterine fibroids, the uterus must be removed under severe cases, but before the resection, the doctor will do the corresponding treatment according to the patient’s age, the position of the tumor, and the physical condition of the patientIt brings great harm to the patient’s body and mind.

What is the difference between a woman after taking off the uterus?The doctor finally spoke the real truth

Loses menstruation

Women have come to menstruation every month since the early menstrual tide, menstruation around 45 to 55, and menstruation is generally accompanied by women for more than 40 years. It is the most loyal "good friend" of women.Menstruation every month is the most typical physiological characteristics of women.

Normal menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon that the endometrium does not synthesize the endometrium that causes the endometrium to naturally fall off naturally. If you lose the uterus, there will be no endometrium, so you will never come to menstruation.

Lost the right to be a mother

Some women have no fertility, which has a lot to do with personal constitution, and some people also lose their ability to bred life because they suffer from certain gynecological diseases.The uterus is a "sacred place" for breeding fetuses. Losing this organ will mean that they will always lose their fertility.

Affects normal urination

Women’s uterus and bladder are similar. If the uterus is lost, the bladder will lose self -contraction ability because of the sudden increase in space, which will affect normal urination.


Some women have entered the menopause as soon as they are 40 years old, which has something to do with the decline in uterine function.After losing the uterus, women’s ovarian function is diminished. Most of the blood in the ovaries is provided by the uterus. Lost this "supplier", women’s ovaries will gradually shrink and even change degenerative changes.

There are many symptoms of discomfort in menopausal women, such as great emotional ups and downs, insomnia and dreams, accelerated aging, and decreased resistance.

What behaviors will hurt the uterus?

Repeated flow

Women have suffered a lot of uterus and scars due to many abortion, and they will lose their pregnancy in severe cases.Some young women have not taken contraceptive measures to cause multiple accidents. After accidental pregnancy, they end their pregnancy by abortion and artificial abortion.

Multiple miscarriage is very harmful to the body, and it is easy to reduce women’s uterine function.

The endometrium becomes weak after performing multiple curettage surgery, and it cannot be given normally in the future.Many abortion is a bad behavior that obviously damage the uterus of the female. Young men and women must take contraception measures to prevent accidental pregnancy.

Gynecological inflammation failed to treat timely treatment

Vaginitis, cervicitis, and fallopian tube inflammation are common gynecological inflammation. Although these are common diseases of gynecology, if they cannot be found and treated in time, they will have a great impact on the body.Bacteria enters the uterus through the cervix and causes damage to the uterus. In severe cases, it can cause vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, and fallopian tube cancer.

Cancer factors are very harmful to the damage to the uterus, which will not only affect normal fertility, but even endanger life safety.Women need to maintain the hygiene of private parts, regular physical examinations, and timely treatment of gynecological diseases, which is the primary task to protect the uterus.


The probability of smoking women suffer from uterine cancer is significantly increased than women who do not smoke.Under the environment of second -hand cigarettes, the risk of female uterine cancer disease will also be relatively improved.

Female smoking in different ages can cause different gynecological diseases. Smoking during pregnancy can easily cause ectopic pregnancy and reduce breast milk secretion; women’s smoking during menstruation aggravate dysmenorrhea, and skin aging is accelerated; menopausal women smoke can cause urinary incontinence and osteoporosis.

Women want to maintain the uterus, they can eat the following "three foods"


When it comes to durian, many people must think of the "King of Fruit".Durian is rich in nutrients, and the calories are particularly high, but it can supplement sufficient nutrition for the human body.Women troubled by dysmenorrhea can eat durians before menstruation, which can promote blood circulation and disperse stasis and relieve dysmenorrhea.

Due to the high calories of durian, soft and glutinous and sweet, the sugar lift index is extremely high, the blood glucose level is high, and patients with diabetes cannot eat durian.

Grain food

Grain foods are rich in nutrients such as protein, starch, and vitamins. Among them, vitamin E has a powerful antioxidant effect, which can promote the growth of uterine cells and protect the health of the uterus and ovarian.

Protein is the basic substance that constitutes human cells, which is conducive to maintaining the normal growth and development of the uterus. Women eat more grain foods to the body and have no harm to the body. Common grain foods include corn, soybeans, wheat, and sesame.

Folic acid

Women should pay attention to supplementing folic acid no matter what age.Experts suggest: Women should consciously supplement folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy, so as to reduce the probability of fetal deformed deformed by the fetus and protect the health of the uterus and ovarian.

Related studies have found that women usually supplement folic acid in an appropriate amount can reduce the probability of ovarian cancer.Related foreign studies have also found that eating women rich in folic acid often reduces the probability of ovarian cancer than 70%compared to women who rarely eat folic acid foods. Folic acid is a water -soluble vitamin B. It is generally in green vegetables and whole valleys.Food is more common.

What bad living habits do you think will cause damage to our uterus?Which foods to eat have a protective effect on the uterus?Leave a message below.

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