What is ovulation bleeding?Will it affect conception?

Women have a variety of physiological cycles every month, and menstruation and leucorrhea come together, and the ovulation period will usher in the ovulation period before 14 before menstruation.During the ovulation period, the egg cells and peripheral egg hill particles in women are excreted together.

There was no symptoms of bleeding during the ovulation period, but some women had bleeding during ovulation.This scares many female friends, thinking that I have any serious gynecological diseases.

So what causes ovulation bleeding?

1. Chronic inflammation of the endometrium:

When ovulation, the endometrium is significantly congested, or when ovulation, the blood vessels on the surface of the ovary are ruptured. The bleeding increases from the normal amount and flows to the uterine cavity with the peristalsis of the fallopian tube.

2. Hormone level fluctuates too much:

After ovulation, the level of estrogen decreases rapidly, causing the endometrium that is affected by estrogen and the endometrium that is hyperplasia.

If it is clean within 2-3 days, there will be no problem, but if the leucorrhea is accompanied by blood wires over 7 days, and the amount of bleeding is more, it needs to be paid attention to it, and it needs to be treated in time when necessary.

Ensure other diseases of the reproductive system, such as menstrual disorders, cervicitis, and cervical cancer.Because if there are these diseases, the amount of bleeding during ovulation will be more and more frequent.

Do I need to take medicine during ovulation?

There are many reasons for bleeding during ovulation, mainly including physiological causes and pharmacological causes.The physiological cause is normal. There is no need to treat it. Just pay attention to diet conditioning to heal itself.If ovulation bleeding caused by pathological causes, go to the hospital for diagnosis in time.

Can I have the same room during ovulation?

If the amount of bleeding is not too large, it can still be in the same room, and because it is ovulation, it is easy to conceive.However, before the same room, it is best to let the man clean the penis to ensure the health of the house.

If the amount of female bleeding is large, it is not recommended to have the same room, because the pelvic cavity is congested at this time, the uterine mouth is relatively loose, and the genital resistance will weaken.

If in the same room during this period, the man can easily bring bacteria into women’s vagina, which destroys the normal vaginal acidic environment of women, causing flora dysfunction, and female inflammation of gynecological inflammation such as fungal vaginitis and trichomonas vaginitis.

And vaginitis is a very difficult gynecological disease, which is easy to recur. Therefore, for health, it is best not to do the same room during ovulation.

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