What is going on with menstruation after pregnancy?

The expectant mother Lanlan was aborted, and she was worried that she would have a miscarriage in the next pregnancy.But when I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor told her that occasionally not to be nervous for a biochemical pregnancy, it was normal.What is a biochemical pregnancy, is it really nothing wrong with biochemical pregnancy?

What does biochemical pregnancy mean?

Pregnancy is usually understood as pregnancy. Medically, this is the physiological process of pregnancy to childbirth. In addition, the word biochemical does not belong to normal pregnancy.

Biochemical pregnancy refers to the combination of sperm and eggs. It will secrete the chorionic gonadotropin unique to women during pregnancy for about seven days. As hormones appear, fertilized eggs should be slowly moved into the uterine cavity.In the uterine cavity, or after the uterine cavity, there is no bed, and the embryo will flow away.Although female friends can find some subtle changes during pregnancy at this time, they can only be discovered from pregnancy, but they are actually not pregnant. This process is called biochemical pregnancy.

Will biochemical pregnancy affect future pregnancy?

Biochemical pregnancy belongs to the sub -clinical abortion and should be distinguished from other abortion due to diseases or accidents.Occasionally a biochemical pregnancy will not affect future pregnancy.

After biochemical pregnancy, some want to protect their fetus, but from the cause of biochemical pregnancy, we have caused the defects of biochemical abortion and the defects of fertilized eggs, insufficient progesterone secretion, immune factors, and external factors.Not so excellent, this is a process of winning, so doctors are not recommended to keep tires in most cases.

Blind fetal protection will have the risk of fetal deformity. If it is auxiliary reproductive technology, it is recommended to check the physical condition in detail in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

When can I get pregnant after biochemical pregnancy?

Female friends have a biochemical pregnancy. If the endometrium is cleaned, the uterine surgery is not needed, and the uterus will not be recovered quickly.Jiajia is pregnant again, no need to wait for several months before pregnancy.After biochemical pregnancy, shortening waiting for pregnancy with physical conditions is beneficial to women’s mental health, which can enhance the confidence of pregnancy, thereby shortening the pain caused by biochemical pregnancy and reducing the occurrence of depression.However, if the uterine recovery is not good, the time to delay the advice of the doctor will be delayed.

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