What is going on with babies often vomiting milk?It is the disaster that causes bloating and has something to do with the feeding posture

Little babies are just born, and they are particularly fragile. Parents need to be careful when taking care of their babies. The baby may have a variety of problems. Parents need to be calmly cope and find the root cause of the problem to better solve the problem.

Many parents have encountered such a situation: it didn’t take long for the baby to vomit, and even spit out of the nose after drinking milk.Seeing such a condition, parents will be very distressed, but they don’t know what to do.Today I will share with you some content related to "baby vomiting milk".

Wei Wei and her husband became pregnant after they got married. Ten months later, a particularly cute male baby was born. Because it was the first child, Weiwei had no experience in baby.

Wei Wei recently encountered a problem that made her headache because the baby always vomited milk and saw the baby’s sin, Wei Wei was very distressed.

At first I thought that there was a problem with the health of the baby, so I took the baby to the hospital. The doctor said that there were many reasons for causing the baby to vomit milk. It was not necessarily a physical problem. It is recommended that they go home to continue observing.

After another week, the baby still vomited milk. Wei Wei asked for help in Baoma’s group and wanted everyone to help out. There was a mother who said to Wei Wei that it may be that her breastfeeding posture may cause the baby.Twitter.

Wei Wei listened to the words of this mother and adjusted her feeding posture. After a few days, the baby’s vomiting was gone.

For many novice treasure moms, seeing the baby’s vomiting will be anxious. It is not necessarily the case for the baby’s health. In fact, it is not necessarily the case. It is likely to be caused by the wrong breastfeeding posture.

Little babies vomit milk are very common. Parents must find the root cause of the problem to prevent the baby from vomiting. After the baby eats well, the body can develop better.

These reasons can cause the baby to vomit:

1. Pathological factors

If the baby vomit is very serious, and the weight is lighter and lighter, or coughs while vomiting, each time vomiting is spraying, it is likely that there is a disease in the gastrointestinal tract. Parents are best to take the baby to the hospital for examination.System treatment.

2. I didn’t hiccup after drinking milk

Whether it is breastfeeding or milk powder, every time the baby drinks milk, parents should pat the baby, because during the process of drinking milk, the baby will swallow some air into the stomach.Will vomit milk.So after the baby drinks milk, the parents will snoring the baby immediately.

3. Incorrect breastfeeding posture

Some breastfeeding mothers have adopted the wrong breastfeeding posture. If the feeding posture is incorrect, it will cause the baby to not fully contain the mother’s nipples. As a result, some air will be sucked in during the drinking process, so she will vomit milk.Therefore, Baoma needs to take the correct breastfeeding posture to avoid the baby vomiting.

1. Lie on the side

Bao Ma just gave birth to a baby, and his body was relatively weak. At this time, he could feed on the side of lying on the side. This posture will not be tired, and it will not allow the baby to inhale too much air.This posture is very simple. Bao Ma lying on the bed side, let the baby go close to drink milk.

2. Cradle style

This kind of breastfeeding posture is the most classic and most popular among the mothers.Bao Ma hugs the baby in her arms. When eating the left, she holds her baby with her left arm, and holds her right arm on the right. This posture will not only make the baby milk well, but also allow the baby to get a sense of security.

3. Rugby -style

This kind of breastfeeding posture is very practical, especially suitable for caesarean mother, because Baoma’s wound has not been cured. If the cradle type is used for a long time, it may affect physical recovery. If you use rugby type, you will not have such concerns.Bao Ma wants to pinch the baby under his arms, let the baby’s head ahead, and the body is behind, like a rugby.

If the baby often spit milk, parents must remember that the baby cannot lie flat after vomiting, and if the baby just drinks milk, don’t let the baby lie down immediately.

Because when the baby is lying flat, if you vomit milk, it is easy to be stretched, which is easy to cause suffocation, which is very dangerous.

The correct approach is to hold the baby vertically, slap the baby, and let the baby lie on the side. Even if the baby vomit again, it will not danger.

All in all, taking care of the baby is not an easy task. If you are a novice parent, you encounter problems that do not understand in the process of taking care of your baby, ask for consultation with experienced people, or go to the hospital for help.Treatment, otherwise it may cause the baby to be harmed more seriously.

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