What fruits can I eat after people?No need to "avoid eating", but you can’t "eat random"

Hello everyone, I am the mother of the nutritionist’s mother, Jing Mom ~

What fruits can I eat after people?Some sisters asked this question privately, and this article came to talk about this topic with the sisters.

We all know that after the flow of women, it is not small to damage the body. In order to better promote physical recovery, it is best to take a small confinement. During this period, not only should we rest more, but also the diet is also particular.For example, eating fruits is "particular about", you must not take your mouthless, nor can you not eat at all.

Normally, general fruits can be eaten after abortion, such as apples, peaches, bananas, cherries, dragon fruit, orange, litchi, grapes, mango, durian, etc.

Because fruits contain a large amount of vitamins, glucose, fructose, minerals and other ingredients, not only can replenish water, promote metabolism, help physical recovery, but also help relieve anxiety after surgery.


Although the abortion surgery is small, after all, it is also surgery, which will have a certain impact on women’s bodies. The gastrointestinal function after surgery is relatively weak. Apple is rich in crude fiber and vitamins. Eating properly can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help digestion.Can reduce constipation.And Apple’s unique fragrance can also soothe nervousness to a certain extent.


Peach is the seasonal fruit of this season, not only fresh but also cheap.

Modern peaches are rich in cellulose and vitamins. The iron content is also high. It often eats some recycling of hemoglobin and has a certain help for physical recovery.


It tastes sweet, warm, has the effects of nourishing qi and blood, expelling wind and dehumidification, and the taste of cherry is very good. In addition, the iron content is high and rich in vitamins. It is also a fruit that is suitable for women after abortion.


Guiyuan helps to nourish qi and blood, suitable for women with weak constitution. Therefore, you can also eat some longan after surgery. You can eat fresh fruit directly.

Although most fruits can be eaten, there are also some fruits that are not suitable for abortion, especially in the following two categories.

▶ Do not eat fruits with cold properties.

For example, watermelons, mangosteen, grapefruit, Sydney, etc., if you eat too much, you may have belly pain, especially women with poor stomachs. It is best not to eat these fruits during this time.

▶ Do not eat the fruits just refrigerated from the refrigerator.

Because cold fruits can stimulate the smoothing muscle contraction of the uterine, cause stomach pain and uncomfortable, and may also stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa and cause indigestion.

As mentioned earlier, although the flow of people is a small surgery, it will also have a certain impact on physical health.

In addition to resting more after surgery and eating fruits correctly, it is also recommended to eat more foods rich in high -quality protein, such as chicken, fish and shrimp, beef, pork lean meat, eggs, milk, beans and bean products.

There are also iron -rich foods, various red meat, animal liver, green vegetables, etc. to ensure enough iron intake and prevent iron deficiency anemia after surgery.

In the end: In short, after the abortion, you should take a small confinement, rest at least half a month, and it will be better for your body recovery and mood relief.There are also life attention and dietary attention.


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