What exactly does expectant mother’s fetal dream indicate?

After pregnancy, people are often asked, are boys or girls?What do the doctor say during the checkup?Some people even ask you that you have never had a baby dream?They said that fetal dreams can predict the gender of the fetus, such as: dreaming of carp will have a girl, and dream of a snake to have a boy.In fact, these are all scientific basis, just treat it as a beautiful meaning ~

The magical "fetal dream"


I have done this dream, very accurate!When I was in my boss, I dreamed of a snake chasing me.In reality, I was very afraid of cold -blooded animals, but in the dream, I was not afraid at all, and held it in my arms. Later, I put it in the river. I even knew that the river was still warm and very comfortable.After waking up, I felt very strange. How did I have such a strange dream? Later, I went to the doctor to check because I was dizzy and found that I was pregnant!Born is really a boy.When I was in the second child, I dreamed of a beautiful little goldfish that shined, and I said certain that I was pregnant with my daughter this time, but my daughter was born!

@Haha Qi Qi:

I had a dream of birth, and dreamed of a little snake lying on my calf, curled up.My mother -in -law dreamed of a flower, and my mother -in -law dragged the flowers and leaves, leaving only one branch.Later, everyone said that I was pregnant with a girl.

@Mommy on Friday:

I once dreamed of playing abroad with my girlfriend, but I was stopped in the customs.On the way home, my girlfriend kept complaining that I would not let me go because I was pregnant.What?IntersectionWho is pregnant?IntersectionI woke up in the morning and tested it immediately. It was actually two bars. I sat on the sofa.My husband asked me what to do in a confused manner?I said I was pregnant, and he didn’t believe it.But now, the son is 14 months old, of course, the girlfriend must be the son of the son.

@动 波:

My baby dream is more dreamy, I dream of becoming a fairy.After having a son, the people who go home discuss the child’s name with people at home.Calling Huang Qingran, the family disagreed, but I always insisted, and then the dream changed again.Later, I turned my whole life into a rune to bless my son’s peace, but my son said that I only care about the rune and don’t care about him, and he ruined the rune … LaterTake it and call her mother -in -law for her.The dream was messy. After I woke up, I tried to remember the dream again before getting up.I didn’t save it.

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