What dream of people with a monthly salary of 50,000?


What dream of people with a monthly salary of 50,000?

This is a question that I have been particularly curious recently, from my former leadership.

He said that he is basically drinking at night and night, in order to prevent harassment by various realistic versions of nightmares.

Once he dreamed that his dad was poor, his fucking was not obedient and rebellious.

Within a few days, his dad really walked on the road and had a sudden angina pectoris.

"The early peak of West Erqi, only I am the retrograde, I took him back in three rounds."

It’s hard to believe it, right?Many times, dreams are a signal.

Many people have started to pay attention to their less healthy mental state from a nightmare, and then trace back to their daily life.

I talked about their dreams with a monthly salary of 50,000. They have high positions and income among their peers. Most of them work on the Internet, games, and media industries. The pace is fast and stressful.

Their story outlines some connections between dreams, subconscious, reality, and three.

Freud said: "Dream is a deduction of the desire to be modified, the more ridiculous the dream is."

If you feel that life is wrong, you may be able to look for answers in your dreams, and it has long reminded you.

Now, boo, don’t talk, go with me.

Sophia has been in the new media circle for 5 years.

She thinks this number is large and long enough.I think so.

"High -pressure work cannot exceed 3 years," so in the third year of work, she decided to give up the job, completely rest, and was diagnosed with anxiety.

During that time, she began to have a lot of bizarre dreams.

Dreaming of being thrown in the sea;

Xiao Zhan helped her to repair the toilet, and she asked him to be rejected by WeChat;

The large male genitals have grown;

Lathered in the Yin Cao Difu and waited for death.

On November 18, 2020, Sophia was awakened by nightmares.

There was a need for filming in the dream, but the work was too busy, and I started shooting 2 hours before the screening.The person in charge of the other party asked her to make a film, and also said that it was given half an hour before it was released.

She fled to a closed toilet. At that time, Sophia’s inner play was: Sure enough, only the toilet was the last harbor.

And this was tried by Sophia as a nightmare–

"It is necessary to make movies in two hours", this "rude demand" is what she is facing every day.

Each "explosion" on the hot search seems to be a time bomb, and it may be notified at any time: "Today’s content is not issued, change the hotspot."

She was not peaceful, comparable to Sisifus to push stones up the mountain, endless.

Coscustus pushes stones at a constant speed, and Sophia, who is chasing hot spots, runs accelerated on the Mobius ring.

In order to find a paralyzed and lively stimulus, she shaved her head and worn a hat and wig every day at work.

Going to the toilet and took off the hat and wig, it was the most comfortable time she was in the day.

In order to continue to create a state of excitement for yourself, Sophia spent money almost crazy.

She would fly to Japan just like Liang Chaowei go to London to feed pigeons.

Flying to Thailand at the speed of light, spent 14,000 to meet the meeting of "Chen Qing Ling".

The hotel stays with more than 4 stars and must bring a bathtub.

She even spent her salary, credit cards, flowers, borrowing … overdraft a lot of money.

Relaxed, but established.

The seamless connection of various DDL and DDL for a long time is the unlimited horror film of the realistic version.

And recently the happiest thing for Sophia is: finally finished the debt that was owed that year.

There are 20,000 per month, and she has been paid for two years. Of course, this debt is more difficult to quantify the spiritual burden.

Sophia hasn’t felt so relaxed for a long time, even in a dream.

ABU is at the bottom of every time, even in a dream.

At the age of 32, he dreamed every night, and his dreams always re -engraved his 80% of his jobs and 20% of others.

Yes, this is a kind of division of his daily life in recent years: all forms of life other than work are classified as "other".

His dreams will appear regularly and orderly: boss, project progress report, project problems, remedy plans, etc.

When he went back to the cage a few days ago, he kept back to WeChat in the dream. Seeing that the customer’s demand became more and more, it was over immediately. The ABU was so anxious that the helplessness in the dream was really incredible.

"I am a Shandong man in Tangtang 185", and he did not allow his project to have any chaos in his dream.

High -pressure but emotional stability is that he has always highly advertised his ability, especially when his wife collapses.

He always uses the management of his wife to manage his wife.

In the days of preparing for the wedding, he gave his wife a brief every day, and listed the other to do list.

But his wife was not his subordinates. He scolded him halfway and collapsed. He strictly accused him of the allocation of all: seemingly fairly unreasonable.

The last straw of ABU with a stable emotion is:

The day before the marriage leave, because of the endless PPT, his wife began to sit in front of the computer at 1 am and wipe tears.

"She is emotionally unstable, just like a timing bomb in my life."

Compared with work, he has always felt that his wife’s temper is more difficult to deal with.

Rita is responsible for daily maintenance of all operations and product iterations of an app.

In the dream, she was so anxious that she was still trying to build a sense of order.

Last night, she dreamed of the appointment Pilate class, and was changed to a non -designated teacher without the consent of the assistant. She quarreled with the assistant.

Since always, RITA has been atypical in the workplace. Of course, after becoming a manager, she is afraid that her temperament has become more and more disappeared.

And she thought she was hiding well.

However, some of the temperament of life, which will not disappear and only transfer.

It is like the "ego" in Freud’s mouth will always be suppressed. In the dream, she will be released from the "Super I" social rules.

Rita didn’t care about this dream, and she tried to rationally analyze the reasons for the anger in the dream.

She believes that she is essentially related to the society, and the teacher must re -adapt to the teacher, and the cost is too high.

In fact, I don’t understand Rita’s dream, just like I don’t understand her anxiety.

Compared to the new data of the operation, she is more worried about whether the fire and gas at home are closed well, and will her sister encounter any problems when driving.

Compared with the ceiling of work, she is even more unbearable and is reaching the upper limit of her life, 120 pounds.

Rita does not mind admitting that he is easy to be anxious, but it has nothing to do with work.

Perhaps because she is a peaceful pessimist.

I often feel that I can’t do anything at work, and I don’t have a skill that can be close to the real world.

He dislikes that he has no talent, a kind of down -to -earth craftsman, even a tutor.

She said that this feeling is like she doesn’t understand what Taobao’s product manager is doing, or what she can do.

But Rita likes to make desserts.

"If you can’t stay in this trip, you will spend 200,000 to do West Point. French Blue Ribbon has a branch in Shanghai. I always want to go to Shanghai."

It should not be fate in the Internet, and the foam chooses to leave down to the ground.

Decent, why not count.

Lee has made explosive mobile games, which is the main beauty of more than 60 people.

Every new colleague comes to the smoking area, Lee’s rumors will be repeated once.

"The entrepreneurial partners have run away before we come here."

"He has 40W Lexus, but he still takes a small schoolbag to work in a bus every day."

Despite the annual salary of one million, Lee laughed at the bottom Leader of "everything to be managed".

"Lee is very things. Yesterday, I said that my three prints were the same. I chased me at 1 am.

"He comes to the company at 9:30 every day to supervise everyone’s attendance."

He can never explain anything, but he is accustomed to putting the team daily newspapers, boss logs, and industry news in advance in the first half hour before work.

On the surface, I claimed that I had no goal, and it was not shocked in front of me.

"What are the goals of a middle -aged man, and the goal of life is to live as normal as possible."

This different sense of tangles made Lee’s dreams the most contrast in Sophia, Rata, and ABU. The appearance rate of zombies in his dream is particularly high.

Yesterday was a horror movie. He dreamed that in his house’s house, the zombies came like a tide.

Lee was aiming at them with a gun, and when the zombies climbed up, he woke up.

After turning over, the second episode of the horror movie continued.

Lee, chased by the zombies, suddenly flew up and saw the city below through the clouds.

But the dream of the dream is that he is like Cinderella wearing crystal shoes, everything has time limit, and the flight ability disappears.

I stated that he was too stressful recently, but Lee denied it.

He said that when the pressure was under great, he couldn’t sleep at all, or "No matter what time I go to bed every day, I wake up on time at 4 am."

Yes, sometimes more tricky pressure will directly projected the laws of human life.

I ca n’t sleep for a long time, do n’t I slowly lose the right to dream?

Lee said.

【Write in the end】

When does it start, even sleeping is a luxury?

When I was anxious, I ate two melatonin a day, and I couldn’t fall asleep at 5 am.

Not to mention that sometimes I fall asleep, I also have some dreams of magical realism (work related to work).

I think it’s anxious in a person’s dream, how anxious it is.

Sleep research pion

Dreaming, especially the dreams of tragic experience in the past, will help repair human emotions and keep people’s emotions always in a healthy state, and PTSD patients lack such dreams.

People are sleeping half of my time. Dreaming is an important and luxurious ability. Not only will it help you release emotions, but also soothe yourself in the dream.

In the dream, desire always has shapes, anxiety, borders, expectations and color.

Tonight, I wish you a good dream, good night.

Writing: Water Bingyue

Design: Kuizi

Responsible editor: Yuan Sanzer

——Gramma "Red Pepper"

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