What does a woman mean?Four Bao moms experienced themselves, and the woman came over after watching her tears

October conceive, once gave birth.God gave the right to fertility, but it also paid the price.So what does pregnancy mean for women, and what will delay women?Let’s take a look at the answers of Bao Ma who came to Baoma, and the reality is representative-

1. It means to destroy the figure

Interviewee: Mother Kiki, 25 years old, has a daughter

I am 165cm tall and weighs 100 pounds. Before giving birth, my figure has always been the object of envy and jealousy, but after giving birth to a child, my body is not as good as before -the chest sagging and atrophic;Retreat; elephant legs, small belly, butterfly sleeves have appeared one after another.Although my daughter was happy, I felt happy, but my own image was greatly reduced. I really felt that the price of fertility was too great.

Expert comment: The postpartum body is only a temporary phenomenon, and it can be recovered through its own efforts in the later period.For example:

Deformation of the chest: postpartum hormone secretion has not been restored to pre -pregnancy level, lactating feeding posture is not correct enough, etc., you can do some simple chest expansion exercises, arms upper exercise, and maintaining correct breastfeeding posture, which can be effectively relieved.

Hip deformation: mainly due to the movement of the fetus in the late pregnancy, the pelvic ligament is relaxed, which causes the pelvis to be opened, and the nutritional weight during pregnancy is soaring.This situation can be corrected by exercising muscle groups+scientific weight loss.

Deformation of body: The elephant legs, small belly, and butterfly sleeves mentioned in the text are all fat during pregnancy. The hormone secretion is abnormal. These can be gradually recovered to the prenatal state through diet control and exercise weight loss.

2. It means to destroy career

Interviewee: Mother Wen Tsai, 28 years old, has a son

I was pregnant unexpectedly in less than a year when I joined the job. I heard my mother said that it was best to keep the tire, so I explained the situation to the manager.I never expected that I was troubled by the company first, as if pregnancy was a mistake itself.In June pregnancy, the company was fired.I believe that I have a serious work and study hard, so I asked the company to say that the reply they gave was that they were afraid of delaying future work after pregnancy, so they dismissed.What I want to ask here is whether women are pregnant?Should pregnant women be a disadvantaged group in the workplace?

Expert comment: The National "Labor Contract Law" clearly stipulates that during pregnancy, as long as the employees have no fault, the unit cannot relieve the labor relationship for no reason.Here I just hope that this mother is strong and brave, and the child is healthy and happy.

Third, it means to destroy marriage

Interviewee: Mother Guangguang, 27 years old, has a child

Because I almost lost a marriage for a child, it was sad to think about it.After giving birth, I often feel stressful, my figure is not good, my husband is not gentle and considerate, and the concept of parenting with the elderly at home has caused various factors to cause postpartum depression, and even getting to the end of marriage with my husband.But for the sake of children, I have repeatedly suppressed tolerance, my husband and mother -in -law have tried to communicate with me, and so far I slowly opened the heart knot-

Expert comment: Postpartum depression is about 10% to 15% in developed countries, and the incidence of developing countries is about 15% to 28%.In recent years, postpartum depression detection rates have been significantly rising.Therefore, this is a normal postpartum phenomenon, but it needs to attract everyone’s attention.Especially the family should give the mother the warm and psychological support of the mother, and let her feel the love and care of her family.At the same time, the maternal must also reduce the pressure on herself, which is optimistic.If you can’t adjust yourself, it is best to find a professional doctor to help the treatment to relieve.

Fourth, it means to destroy beauty

Interviewee: Mother Wenwen, 35 years old, has a son

In fact, I always wanted to be a Dink tribe, but I couldn’t resist the pressure of the elderly. At the age of 35, she was still pregnant and had children.Before pregnancy, I had a vest line and goose egg face. Although I was still full of girls in my 30s, I felt a layer of skin after giving birth.The pregnancy spots on the face cannot be seen directly, and the stretch marks on the stomach look bad … For me who loves beauty, giving birth to children is really a great test.

Expert comment: Pregnant and having children is a brave and selfless process, because in this process, the mother will be more or less "trauma", such as:

Stretch marks: mainly due to the influence of hormones during pregnancy. The elastic fiber and collagen fiber of the skin are damaged or broken, and the abdominal skin becomes thin and thin. ThereforeLabor.After delivery, these patterns will gradually disappear, leaving white or silver -white shiny scar line patterns, and postpartum can also be diluted according to laser or other means.

Pregnancy spots: Generally, after 4 months of pregnancy, tea brown spots appear on the face. It is distributed in the bridge of the nose and cheeks. It can also be seen in the forehead and is a butterfly shape.It is caused by increased melanocytoplain cytosrophosis secreted during pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, the pregnancy spots will be reduced or even disappear within 3 to 6 months after production. If there is no disappearance, it can be adjusted by diet after diet to prevent the sun and hospital treatment.

The above four treasure moms really represent the voice of millions of women. Giveting children may delay women’s figure, career, marriage, and beauty.But brave women are still reckless on this road, maybe this is the selflessness and greatness of motherly love.(JPP)

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