What do you want to eat and what you can’t eat when you are pregnant?"These foods" must be careful

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Which foods are usually eaten very often, but it is best not to eat pregnant women?According to research, 5 kinds of foods are often residual in Liszto, and pregnant women should be careful!In addition, "eating shrimp crabs and ice during pregnancy is easy to produce allergies." Is this true?How should I eat pregnancy?Nutritionists say that.

foods to avoid during pregnancy?

Chen Yining, a nutritional treatment department of Chiayi Chang Geng Memorial Hospital, said that basically, Western medicine believes that after pregnancy, everything can be eaten normally., So avoid).Caffeine should not exceed 200 mg per day (tea, cola, chocolate, etc., but also caffeic).

1. Pregnancy should not eat raw food

Eating raw food may have the risk of infection with Liszto.If pregnant women are infected with Liszt bacteria, the fetus may be transmitted, causing the probability of abortion, premature birth, and dead tires, so the food should be cooked before eating.Raw food includes: sashimi, lettuce salad, etc.In addition, it is best to eat less eggs and semi -cooked eggs.

Chen Yining’s nutritionist added that most of the kimchi and cold cucumbers have not been heated and pickled directly. It is also considered to be eaten raw. Pregnant women are best to eat less.As for the fruit, you should wash it and eat it.

Studies abroad have pointed out that the high -risk foods of Liste bacteria are: cantaloupe, lettuce, dairy products without sterilization procedures, hot dogs and ham, and smoked salmon without sufficient heating;: Sashimi, ingredients, fresh fruits and fruits, and meat.

2. Pregnant eating shrimp, crab, ice, is easy to give birth to allergies?

Chen Yining Nutritionist said that unless his parents are allergic or uncomfortable if they eat them, otherwise, if you eat it, you can still eat it, but seafood needs to be cooked before eating.

If one of the parents has a allergic constitution, the chance of the baby’s allergies is 50%; if both the parents are allergic, the chance of the baby’s allergies is as high as 80%.Therefore, some people feel that "because I eat ice and seafood, so that children have allergies after birth". In fact, it is more likely that "it has allergies, which is inherited to the baby" (or related to the acquired environment.There are more dust mites, which is easy to cause allergies), not necessarily "what you eat during pregnancy and cause your baby to be allergic."

3. These foods can actually be eaten

In addition to ice and seafood, there are also some people searching for the Internet "Can I eat leek, malt, curry?" In fact, these foods can be eaten. Unless Mommy itself eats uncomfortable or allergic, it is recommended not to eat.

What should I eat for pregnancy?

‧ Principles of dietary intake during pregnancy

There is no special increase in heat during the first pregnancy; the second and third pregnancy increases 300 calories every day than before pregnancy.Chen Yining Nutritionist Example: All Valley Miscellaneous Grain Half -bowl+half tofu or half of the palm -sized meat+half of the rice bowl vegetables+1 rice bowl fruit is about 300 calories.

‧ Six categories of food, balanced intake

*Full Miscellaneous Grain: About 2.5 to 4.5 bowls per day.

*Dairy category: 1.5 cups per day (240ml per cup).

*Beanfish eggs: 4-7.5 copies per day.

*Vegetables: 3 to 5 copies per day (1 serving of vegetables is about half a rice bowl cooked vegetable).

*Fruits: 2 to 4 copies per day (1 serving of fruits is about the size of a girl’s fist).

*Oil: 3 to 6 teaspoons of oil+1 nuts of nuts (about 1 small hand in hand).Nut seeds are recommended to buy big brands and small packages. Large packaging can not be eaten for a long time. In addition to generating fuel consumption, there are also …

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