What can I not eat after pregnancy?It turns out that the real taboo is these 4 foods

During the Tongzhou clinic on Tuesday, a expectant mother in the early pregnancy came to the obstetric guidance because she was over 35 years old and had a family history of diabetic family.

While I introduced her in detail the precautions during pregnancy, the standards of weight gain during pregnancy, and the dietary principles of preventing diabetes and anemia. She carefully recorded it, and it was finally finished after more than 20 minutes.

I thought she and her family stopped when she was over.I asked: Is there any problem?

Pregnant mother: Doctor, now I already know what I want to eat, but what must not be eaten during pregnancy?

I believe that many women will encounter after pregnancy, including me of that year.If you go online to search, you will definitely see food with various "unable to eat" during pregnancy.

For example, hawthorn, barley, crab, turtle, horsesholin, and watermelon that will cause "miscarriage" will cause children with poor skin to skin, as well as unknown longan, fungus, kelp, star anise, fennel, etc. (welcome everyone to add supplementYou hear the "you can’t eat food during pregnancy").

Many pregnant mothers eat Haisai before pregnancy, but after pregnancy, for the baby in the stomach, the diet becomes very cautious. Based on the principle of being credible, it is unbelievable.I would rather endure ten months.

This is actually understandable, but in fact, the "unable to eat" food on the Internet or hearing on the Internet can be eaten during pregnancy.

For example, food that can cause abortion, calm down and think about it. If these foods really have such a big role, will the medical behavior of "people flow" still exist?

01 drinks containing alcohol

Alcohol will pass to the fetus through the placenta barrier, causing fetal alcohol poisoning syndrome.

If drinking in the first three months may cause abnormal development of the fetal brain and body, drinking in the middle of pregnancy will increase the chance of miscarriage, and drinking in the third trimester will cause infant intelligence to decrease.

So whether it is rice wine, beer, wine or fruit wine, do not drink as long as there are alcohol.

02 All raw food

Before pregnancy, you may eat raw food, raw beef, oyster, crab, raw shrimp, raw eggs, etc., do not eat it once you are pregnant.

Because these raw foods may contain parasites and bacteria, they will spread to the fetus through the placenta, which will cause very serious consequences.

03 Fish with high metal content

Large -sized meat fish in the upper layer of the food chain, such as tuna, sharks, swordfish, flags, golden sea bream, etc.

The body is rich in pollutants metal mercury. This substance can hurt the fetus’s developmental brain through the placenta barrier.

If you want to replenish DHA through deep -sea fish, choose sardines, cod and salmon, tuna, don’t eat tuna.

04 Foods that are not hygienic, mildew, deterioration

This type of food is not only unable to eat pregnant women, but also ordinary people cannot eat.

For example, no milk disinfected by Basar, unheated foods in the refrigerator, mildew peanut sweet potatoes, germinated potatoes, non -cooked four seasons, and so on.

For hot pot, spicy, barbecue, fried food, or because of too much additives, or because of harmful substances, or because of unhygienic, pregnant mothers will consider food that can be eaten during pregnancy.

I personally think that these foods should learn to look at the dialectical way, and you can’t kill it with a stick.For example, if you eat hot pot, if you are clear soup hot pot, all kinds of ingredients, including dipping, are natural foods without too many artificial synthesis additives. Why not eat during pregnancy?It is also like spicy and hot. If you choose a store with food hygiene, and do not choose a variety of meatballs, just green vegetables, blood tofu, soybean products mixed sesame sauce and millet pepper, what can you not eat?Another example is the fried fish and fried chicken made by your home. The cooking oil is not used repeatedly. What is the time to eat or two times or two?

Pregnancy is a big event in life. It is understandable to care about diet, but you must know what you really care about.

Come ask me if you don’t understand.

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