What can I do to relieve pregnancy vomiting?

I am pregnant, and many pregnant mothers have more or less pregnancy vomiting reactions in the early stages of pregnancy. Some people are light, some people are serious, and pregnant mothers with severe vomiting symptoms must not only endure physical discomfort, but also have a heavy weight.Psychological burden, often worrying, will affect the baby’s development.Let me share with you how to reduce pregnancy and vomiting from diet:

First, eat less meals: Pregnant mothers have to eat one less or seven minutes or half full, you can eat a few more meals.Because the feeling of over -saturated empty stomach is the same, it is easy to cause people to disgust.

Second, a light diet: If you are pregnant, your appetite will be reduced. Grandful foods are not easy to digest, especially fried. Eat or not eat less foods such as barbecue, so as not to aggravate pregnancy vomiting.

Third, drink hot drinks: pregnant mothers feel uncomfortable with the stomach, increase stomach acid, and when there is vomiting, you can drink a small amount of hot tea, hot milk, hot soda, ginger tea or ginger sugar water, etc., and rest properly.Can effectively alleviate pregnancy vomiting reactions.But pay attention not to drink water too much. Drinking too much water at a time can easily cause vomiting.

Fourth, balanced nutrition: Pregnant mothers must develop light, balanced diet, reasonable nutrition, good habits, do not be full for each meal, do not exercise immediately after eating, otherwise it will increase the vomiting of pregnant women.

5. Reasonable snacks: Pregnant women reserve some snacks are a method of effectively alleviating pregnancy and vomiting. Many Baoma said that she should eat less snacks, biscuits, nuts, etc.It will effectively alleviate pregnancy, but it is important to pay attention to it. You must not eat too much each time, and you need to be counterproductive, otherwise it will be counterproductive. Do not eat sweet food, otherwise it will cause blood sugar to rise.

Six, stay away from the more sensitive smell: Some pregnant mothers are more sensitive to certain odors, and it is easy to cause nausea and vomiting when smelling, such as the smell of oil fume when cookingThe indoor air is fresh to reduce pregnancy vomiting.

If it is said that through the above methods, you cannot clearly alleviate your pregnancy and vomiting have reached the level of ion disorder, then you need to go to the hospital to go to the hospital in time and adjust it with medicine!

Pay attention to the obstetrics and gynecology deer, healthy pregnant baby!

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