What are these 6 symptoms during pregnancy?You may have gestational diabetes

If you want to do sugar sieve, I heard that if you can’t pass, you have to control your diet … The doctor said that my blood sugar is a bit high. If it is not controlled, the baby is dangerous …

The delivery date is approaching, but it is found that blood sugar exceeds the indicator …

Diabetes during gestational will not only affect the health of pregnant women, but also threaten the growth of the fetus, and it is easy to give birth.Therefore, if Bao Ma appears the following performances, it needs to be vigilant, indicating that blood sugar should be controlled:

Inexplicable thirst, no matter how much water is drinking, it cannot be relieved

This is one of the symptoms of typical gestational diabetes. The blood sugar content in the blood is too high, the high blood glucose affects the blood osmosis pressure, the osmotic pressure increases significantly, the urine is increased, and the moisture in the body needs to be diluted.The most obvious symptom is thirsty.

Gynecological diseases occur during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is plagued by gynecological diseases, especially the infection of Candida vaginitis or urinary system infection, and the positive urine sugar is positive or accompanied by excessive amniotic fluid in the early pregnancy.Essence

Increase urine, dry skin

These are the two obvious abnormalities in diabetes during pregnancy. The increase in blood sugar exceeds the standard value, and excess sugar needs to be excreted through urine, thereby increasing the urine output.

At the same time, due to thirst, pregnant women also drink a lot of water, which also increases urine volume. However, it is necessary to separate frequent urine during pregnancy. Usually, frequent urination during pregnancy occurs in early and third trimester.Frequent urination, thirst, dry skin, and even dehydration, this is a body abnormal signal.

I feel that I can’t eat enough

Blood glucose during pregnancy continues to rise, and often it feels like eating. Even if you are full now, you ca n’t use hunger for a while.

This is due to abnormal insulin secretion in the body, causing food to be digested, but glucose cannot be fully oxidized into human use, so it has caused hunger.

At the same time, glucose cannot be used by the human body, so the body will consume a lot of fat and protein in large quantities, causing hunger to appear.

Pregnant women, there is a history of gestational diabetes

Women who are over 35 are re -pregnancy and are the scope of elderly pregnant women. At this time, insulin compensation capabilities in the body often continue to weaken. Without controlling diet, the chance of diabetes will continue to rise.If gestational diabetes occurs in the first child, the secondary pregnancy may still occur with high blood sugar.

Obesity before pregnancy, the weight gain rapidly during pregnancy

If there is an overweight before pregnancy, you need to be alert to the emergence of diabetes.As the overweight itself is one of the risk factors of diabetes, and as the ability of pregnancy and physical compensation gradually weakens, diabetes is easier to find themselves.

The "out of control" of blood sugar during pregnancy will not only increase the blood pressure of pregnant mothers, but also cause the baby to excessively develop and become a "huge fetus". If you accidentally face the risk of fetal malformations, premature birth, and abortion.

Therefore, for the health of yourself and your child, you must take a reasonable diet throughout your pregnancy. If you have the above abnormalities, it is also necessary to detect blood sugar in time.Clarifying blood sugar levels and controlling blood sugar is particularly important for pregnant mothers!

Learn about controlling blood sugar during pregnancy:

1. Remember to check blood glucose before pregnancy

Diabetes during gestational periods are divided into two cases. One is diabetes before pregnancy, and the other is diabetes after pregnancy.Many expectant mothers have high blood sugar when they are pregnant, and they have harm the fetus when they find out.Therefore, each expectant mother must pay attention to blood glucose before pregnancy, otherwise it is not easy to control after combined with pregnancy.

2. Keep enough sleep for more than 7 hours a day

3. In terms of diet: Keep your mouth, a development and three control

Develop a food habit of eating less meals. It is best not to be separated from the first meal of the next day at the last meal in the evening, because too much eating will cause blood sugar to rise rapidly, and too long will cause pregnant women to hunger.Essence

Reasonably control the total heat intake to prevent too much sugar intake of foods with high starch, such as broad beans, potatoes, pink skin, grilled bran, oil gluten and other foods; resolutely avoid chocolate, white sugar, honey, sweet bread, cake and other foods.

Strictly control the intake of lipids. The cooking oil is mainly vegetable oil. Eat less fried, fried and crispy foods. It is best not to eat skin and fat.

To control the amount of fruits appropriately, pregnant mothers always feel that eating more fruits is not a bad thing.However, consumption of fruit with high sugar or a large amount of watermelon may cause blood sugar to rise. Try to choose fruits with low sugar content, such as cucumber, tomato or kiwi.

4. In terms of exercise: Open your legs, moderate aerobic exercise

Walking, walking is safe during the entire pregnancy, and easy walking will not stimulate the knee and ankle. Walking at least 20-30 minutes a day, breathing fresh air, can improve the tiredness.

Swimming, swimming is an ideal and safe movement. Pregnant women have high body temperature. Swimming can eliminate hotness, and can relieve the burden of lower back pain and knee joints, ankle edema in the late pregnancy.

The most important thing to control blood glucose during pregnancy is diet and exercise. If Baoma has diagnosed diabetes during pregnancy, it must be treated according to the doctor’s advice.

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