What are the things that are not suitable for pregnancy?Do not do 4 things, it will affect the health of pregnant women and fetal baby

Ling Ling has been pregnant for more than 4 months. Perhaps because of his tall body, his belly can’t see the appearance of pregnancy.The girlfriend saw her, and thought she was not pregnant. It is estimated that it would not be apparent to next month.

Lingling is still at work, and the company has a relatively early vacation and stopped working two weeks in advance.Lingling was also boring at home, ready to pull her girlfriend to go shopping.Who knows that her girlfriend made an eyebrow, Lingling was a little disappointed.

When my girlfriend saw this, she persuaded Lingling to make eyebrows together: "Anyway, it’s almost the New Year. It’s better to make eyebrows with me. When you are in the New Year, you will be beautiful."

Lingling was a little bit exciting, and her eyebrows were not good -looking. Before pregnancy, she planned to make eyebrows.After pregnancy, Ling Ling was tortured and tortured, and she was too lazy to get it.It can be considered now with girlfriends.

When Lingling prepared for pregnancy, she would consult her cousin as soon as she had a problem.Lingling doesn’t know if she is pregnant, she can make eyebrows. In order to stabilize, she still asked the cousin’s suggestion first.

Sister cousin told Lingling that she should not make eyebrows when she was pregnant.Because eyebrows can cause skin allergies.When Lingling heard her cousin said, she thought to be more than one thing, and it was better to read a book at home.

It seems that during pregnancy, during pregnancy, because there is a baby in the stomach, before doing physical care, we must understand the advantages and disadvantages.So, what other body care can not be done during pregnancy during pregnancy?Let me share it with you.

1. Can not turn heavy makeup and makeup during pregnancy

I believe that many pregnant women know this. During pregnancy, pregnant women cannot turn heavy makeup and makeup.Cosmetics contain more or less components that are not good for pregnant women. Once these bad ingredients are absorbed by the body of the pregnant woman, they will affect the health of their bodies and even the health of the baby. This is what pregnant women do not want to see.

I believe that for the health of the baby, pregnant women do not dress up, make up, or even go out during pregnancy. In the eyes of others, they are also the most beautiful women in the world.

2. Do not dye your hair and make your hair during pregnancy

Just like Lingling mentioned earlier, it is about to be celebrated. If you want to dress yourself beautifully, you will dye your hair or make a good hairstyle.I believe this is also many women who have planned things to do before the New Year.

However, for pregnant women, the potion of the dyed hair is very complicated, and it is not ruled out that there are substances that are not good for pregnant women.When pregnant women dye their hair, their bodies inhale these bad substances may affect the baby.

I think that pregnant women do not dye their hair during pregnancy. Our black hair is also very beautiful.

3. Do not do color light, laser freckle during pregnancy

During pregnancy, during the pregnancy, due to the secretion of hormones in the body, there may be some spots on the face.Some pregnant women think that it is too ugly to have such a spot on the face. Under impulse, they may want to do freckle repair.

During pregnancy, it is very irritating to the skin, and there are other effects on the skin, and there are other effects. It is not recommended that pregnant women do these.

Moreover, during pregnancy, the long spots will be reduced after the baby is born, and the hormone secretion in the body will decrease and will slowly disappear.Even if pregnant women are worried that the spots are not good -looking, they cannot do it during pregnancy.

4. Do not do sufficient treatment during pregnancy

It is common to do sufficient treatment now. Many people have a lot of life pressure and hard work. They often do a sufficient treatment to relax themselves.

After pregnant women are pregnant, there will be a lot of discomfort due to physical changes.Some pregnant women may think. Before I was pregnant, I felt very tired and I would take sufficient treatment. Now my body feels very tired. Can I relax?

Can not be performed during pregnancy.Because we have a lot of acupuncture points at the bottom of our feet, if you accidentally stimulate sensitive acupoints, it may cause the discomfort of the baby and affect the healthy development of the baby.

Written at the end: Pregnant women are pregnant. You can keep learning and learn more about during pregnancy, which will affect your health and the health of the baby, and you can avoid unnecessary accidents.(The picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, delete)

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