What are the specific symptoms of expectant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy?What are the ways to detect pregnancy?

We all know that for women in normal childbearing age, as long as they have sex, they may have the possibility of pregnancy.Generally women do not have obvious symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy, but there will be abnormal situations in the body, which reminds female friends that you may be pregnant.So what are the specific symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy?What are the ways to detect pregnancy?The following editors will answer them one by one!

These symptoms, congratulations, get pregnant!

1. Menstruation stop

Judging whether women are pregnant, "menstruation" is the first signal light, which is the most often noticed sign of pregnancy.Women did not have menstrual phenomena during menstruation, but their emotions became anxious.Not only that, if the menstrual period has been postponed for 10 days, this should be highly vigilant.At this time, women are likely to be pregnant.If you continue to stop menstruation for more than 14 days, it is best to be diagnosed by a physician, which is the safest.

2. Nausea and vomiting.

Nausea and vomiting are the most common signs of pregnancy.Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy are also called "pregnancy vomiting", and sometimes it is also called "morning vomiting", because the feeling of nausea is the most serious in the morning, and then gradually reduces it in one day.However, this feeling may also strike at any time for a whole day.These symptoms are different from person to person. Some people are very mild, and some are very serious.Unless nausea and vomiting are very powerful, you need to seek medical treatment. These are normal phenomena in the early stages of pregnancy.

3. Breasts are larger, sensitive, and painful.

After women are pregnant, abnormal changes in breasts are also an important reminder.For more than eight weeks of pregnancy, the increased estrogen hormone is affected by the increase in breast development.Under the action of female hormones and lutein in the ovarian, breast pain often occurs during pregnancy, including the tenderness of the nipples, the darkens of the areola, which is normal.

4. Easy to get tired.

In the early days of pregnancy, many women suddenly felt tired, had no strength, and even felt exhausted. They wanted to sleep. No one knew what was caused by the fatigue of early pregnancy.) The level may make you feel very sleepy.

5, frequent urination.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the number of urinations of pregnant women will increase, especially at night, sometimes even more than an hour or a dozen times.The number of urination is increased, but the amount of urine is not increased. This is because the bladder is oppressed by the increasingly expanding uterus, making the bladder capacity smaller.But after the first three months, the uterus increased to the abdominal cavity, and the phenomenon of oppression would disappear.

6. It is more sensitive to odor.

Women who are just pregnant may not be able to stand the smell of oil fume or the smell of tea, and some fragrance will make you disgusting.Although no one can be sure, this may be caused by the rapid increase in estrogen in your body.You may also find things that you usually like to eat, and suddenly it will make you feel disgusting.

7. Basic body temperature rises.

The base temperature of the childcare age is related to the changes in the cycle of the ovarian hormone, and the body temperature will increase by 0.3-0.5 ° C after ovulation.If you measure the base temperature every day and find that your base temperature is high temperature for 18 consecutive days, you are likely to be pregnant.

8. Increase vaginal secretions.

In the early stages of pregnancy, due to the sharp increase in hormones, the increase in vaginal secretions is the symptom of normal early pregnancy.If the vulva does not itch, there is no smell of leucorrhea, so don’t worry.

The following methods will help you further confirm whether you are really pregnant!

The symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy are discovered by women themselves based on their feelings or according to their own physiology. When you find that you have one or more of the above symptoms, you can use the following medical methods to confirm whether you are really pregnant.

1. Early pregnancy test paper.

On the seventh day of women’s pregnancy, a specific hormone can be measured in urine -human choricular gonadotropin (referred to as HCG), which is conducive to maintaining pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, drip the urine in the test paper, such as a ribbon (some test strips are red, some test strips are blue) in the control area of the test strip, which means that it is not conceived.Obvious ribbons appear in the detection area, which means positive, indicating that pregnancy occurs.However, women who have self -testing early pregnancy must remember that early pregnancy test strips can only be used as a preliminary screening check, and they must go to the hospital for diagnosis.

2. Urine pregnancy test.

Pregnant women around 10 days after pregnancy will excrete a choric membrane to promote hormone in the urine. The urine pregnancy test will be tested to the patient’s urine samples by testing the instrument.Hormone, under normal circumstances, is 99 % accuracy.Morninguria must be used for the collection of urine -like, because morning urine is concentrated and hormone levels are higher.In order to improve the positive rate of tests, the amount of drinking should be reduced as much as possible the night before.3. B -ultrasound.

Diagnosis of early pregnancy with B -ultrasound is the most correct and reliable method.The earliest weeks of pregnancy, the monthly period.After 5 weeks of pregnancy, use a ultrasonic probe to check the abdomen. From the screen, you can see that there are young embryo sacs in the uterus, which means pregnancy.(Reminder: In the early stages of pregnancy, try to do less B -ultrasound).

4. Blood HCG examination.

Blood HCG examination is the earliest and most accurate test method at present.Blood HCG test determines whether women are pregnant by measuring HCG value in women’s blood.Blood HCG is more accurate than traditional urine HCG, smaller errors, and can make the test time in advance.In order to detect the accuracy of pregnancy, doctors generally recommend that after 8-10 days after sexual life, they can check HCG by drawing blood to clarify whether they are pregnant.

The first pregnancy of many young women appeared in the case of "accident". At this time, they may not be ready to be a mother. The unexpected pregnancy news may bring them fun and make them make them fun, let them make them fun, and let them make them fun and make them make them fun and let them make them fun.You can start to take care of your baby in your body with all your intentions; but as soon as you know your pregnancy, you will also make the best choice time for women who are not ready to child, reducing physical damage to minimizing.

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