What are the signs of stretch marks during pregnancy?Doctor: Do these points, prevent making pretty moms in advance

To prevent stretch marks, every mother understands!As a novice mother, do you know what signs do you have to grow when you have stretch marks during pregnancy?

Symptom 1: You will be itchy, especially in the middle of the night, dry and itchy

Just like thousands of ants walking upstream in your belly, you can’t see the wound, but you can feel that the area of your abdomen can’t put so many ants and have a sense of tightness.

Symptom 2: When it started, it was a faint pink pattern.

It may be a small red dot. Your belly is like a painting board. The little pink point that the baby appears after pointing with the finger on it will become a tender pink pattern in less than 2 days.

As for the prevention methods, I told you very seriously that it is mainly to control the weight of pregnancy, supplemented by topical prevention: [Those saying that as long as you wipe, you can prevent 100%, you can rest assured, 200%are scammers]

1. Control weight

If you control your weight online during pregnancy, it is not only to prevent stretch marks, but also has great benefits to the recovery of the pelvic floor muscles, rectus muscles, uterus, and internal organs.

If possible, it is best to strengthen exercise before pregnancy, so that the bottom muscle can be better reset. This is a more important thing than controlling weight to prevent stretch marks.

Exercise with strong operability during pregnancy-

Yoga Class during pregnancy -For pregnant women who are lying down, stretching the body is also beneficial to the childbirth in the later period, try to choose a professional pregnancy yoga class;

And you can also make friends of the same period of the same period, you can play with babies of the same age in the future ~ In addition, if you do n’t go to the yoga class, I will follow the sports exercise of Xiaohongshu blogger@Dopamine.

When you watch the drama at home, you can walk in place at home. If you have time, let your husband or family go out and walk through your heart. Every morning and evening, you can slowly walk slower., It can also help the delivery;

Some precautions for exercise during pregnancy:

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is easy to have a miscarriage. Generally, it is recommended to take a walk from 16 weeks of pregnancy;

You can take 3 ~ 5 days a week, but it is best to adjust appropriately according to your physical condition.

Before walking, you should prepare boiled water. During the walking process, you should fully supplement the moisture to prevent dehydration.

In addition, walking on an empty stomach can easily lead to fatigue. Before walking for 1 hour, it is best to eat something, but do not take a walk within half an hour after meals;

During pregnancy, the joints will be relaxed and easy to get sore. When walking, it is best to go flat.In addition, going downhill will increase the burden on the abdomen;

Pay attention to the posture. If you take your head down, you will increase the burden on the neck and shoulders. You must expand your chest and watch you walk ahead. Do not have too much pace. It is best to move your feet often.

Specific mothers can also practice breathing methods by walking.

If you live in the staircase house, there is no problem walking the staircase two or three times a day after the second trimester. I start to climb the 5th floor at least twice every day in the second trimester of pregnancy.Stop immediately when you are comfortable, there is no need to support it;

Sleeping must be sufficient, this is super important, because when you recover postpartum recovery, you also found that when diet control, when you have a good rest and rest, the efficiency of controlling weight is particularly high ~

As for the food during pregnancy, I don’t have a good suggestion, because my belly is quite large, it is the kind of long fetus and meat, but I am healthy, except for eating folic acid, other tonic agents have not been eaten much.

The core element is: the richer the color, the better, it is not too particular, the focus is on equilibrium, pay attention to anti -sugar.

2. Topical prevention

Regarding the best proof of the useless theory of preventing products, my ancestors have long -line constitutions, and my belly is still large. I have been adhering to 34W of pregnancy before I started to have long lines. I really have the credit I insist on applying.

From 2 months of pregnancy, I have collected the pregnancy creams used by various friends and consulting opinions. Under the consultation and actual use of various parties, I am willing to share with you the three -piece set of tender anti -patterns.

In terms of security, the three sets of Nenfu’s family can say that Nenfu is absolutely dead. Four countries imported edible grade folic acid are the main line of Nenfu’s product ingredients.Certification, word of mouth and strength is definitely worth looking forward to.

First: Nenfu folic acid pregnancy pattern essence milk

There are cumulative grass that can supplement collagen and increased elasticity in the ingredients, help repair the neurotide of damaged skin, and alleviate the itchy red -free alcohol and corner sharkane.The absorption is fast and the effect is very good.

Experience saving my itching during pregnancy, not rubbing mud, not sticky, and not to wait after applying to absorb and drying. It is really cool. I will mad it in the long line of long lines.It turns white, is it really effective to know if it is effective.

During pregnancy, insisting on thick application every day, it will find that the darker stretch marks seem to become pale pink again. Slowly, I feel that a lot of small lines are really gone. This process is cured!

It is also important to match the correct massage method: it can promote blood circulation and help the skin quickly absorb.Applying the texture of the skin, note that the painting circle massages and massage.

Second: Nenfu belly film

The ingredients added to the belly are the main moisturizing plant seed oil. The well -absorbing hydrolyzed collagen, which has its own focus with the stretch cream ingredients, can complement it ~

The physical sensation is superior, and the membrane cloth is also very unique. It will soak in warm water before applying it in winter. After wipe off the excess essence with a wet towel, then absorb it with the essence milk, and then sleep with peace of mind.The premise is that you didn’t drink a lot of water).

I think that the belly film is the same as the mask, dense care, and starting from the middle of the pregnancy that is easy to long, it can be once or once a week.It’s not impossible, so you should not have a long line of hard work.

If you do the above stretch marks prevention work, you still cannot avoid pregnant mothers who have stretch marks, please also relax. You can see some methods that are recognized as effective to dilute stretch marks:

The first method: use some topical objects for application improvement (the product efficacy of the accident is limited, it can only play a role in improvement).

Generally, the application of vitamin A ingredients should help improve the improvement of stretch marks, but there is a certain disadvantage that the first two months of use will molt and erythema (so it is not recommended to use it during pregnancy and lactation.important).

In addition, external objects that contain components such as strong prosecin, rose fruit oil, vitamin E and other ingredients also have a certain effect on the improvement of stretch marks.

The second method: The means of fading stretch marks are to use a technology, such as dot laser, photon pigment, radio frequency therapy, and microcrystalline grinding are a very mature technology.

Mothers in need can go to one yuan for surgery for a lifetime (premise must be a formal yuan).

In the end, although stretch marks cannot be removed, think about this that this was the warmest house of the baby, and it was also the mark of its own growth. The traces of happiness should be turned into armor and the more brave in the war!IntersectionIntersection

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