What are the phenomenon of pregnancy during lactation?These 4 symptoms must be recognized

Many women think that there is no scientific basis for lactation during breastfeeding. Some Baoma did not take any contraceptive measures during breastfeeding, and the result was unexpectedly pregnant again.Women’s pregnancy during breastfeeding not only has a great impact on their own recovery, but also decreases thinner, and it is not conducive to the normal development of the first baby.So what are the symptoms of women who are pregnant during breastfeeding?

Less milk

Women will not decrease flat for no reason during lactation. In the case of ensuring that the diet is sufficient and the body is not different, the milk suddenly becomes very small, and there is still a little bit of it.Prefer.After breastfeeding women are pregnant, the milk will have no nutrition. Mom should remember to soak him more milk powder.If you are determined to get rid of the baby in the belly, Baoma should not let the baby eat breast milk.


The largest change in women’s pregnancy is that menstruation stops. Pregnant mothers will not have menstruation during pregnancy. Only after giving birth to a baby can menstruation slowly return to normal.When Baoma found that she had come to the menstruation during breastfeeding, but when the menstruation was not coming, don’t care too much, indicating that you may be pregnant again. At this time, you should observe your physical condition closely.It is worth mentioning that after fertility, menstruation is delayed, and Mom should pay more attention.

Greater appetite

In order to ensure that the baby’s nutrition can follow, women eat crazy, but often ignore the most important point, and pregnancy can also increase the appetite of Baoma.If Baoma finds that she has been supplemented with nutrition, but the milk has not changed a lot, she will buy test strips or test the pregnancy inspection stick to test whether she is really pregnant.When pregnant during breastfeeding, Baoma should think about this child to go or flow.

Increased body temperature

Many Baoma may not know that the temperature of the body temperature is also the basis for judging pregnancy.After fertility, the body temperature will gradually return to normal, but when the menstruation is not coming, the body temperature will always be slightly higher than usual.Although it is said that Mom’s menstruation may be abnormal during breastfeeding, when the menstruation is rising, this phenomenon will last for two weeks when the body temperature rises, indicating that it may be pregnant.

Many Baoma does not want to get pregnant during her breastfeeding, because at this time, her body has just recovered, and her baby is still small. There is no extra energy to take care of another baby.Then pay attention that whether it is abortion or fetal protection during breastfeeding, it will have a great impact on women’s bodies.Safety measures must be taken during breastfeeding. After all, breastfeeding is not a safe period.

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