What are the operations of the aunt?

As a woman, I really love and hate the aunt.

When menstrual disorders are upset; doubt life during dysmenorrhea; there is no love when the blood flow; too little blood volume and suspect premature failure;Remember, is it pregnant?

Speaking of which, the auntie reported on the same month, the regular quantity, the texture is bright and smooth, and there is no obvious waist and abdomen pain. Those fairy who are distinguished by worrying is very enviable.

Some patients, when they came to the doctor, troubles were abnormal: "I think I already pay special attention to, and pay more attention. Why can’t my aunt be worrying about it?"

So, when you are distressed by the aunt, do you have to take a look at the dietary life of your usual diet?

"Suwen · Shang Gu Tian True Theory" has: "Woman … Two or Seven and Tian Gui arrived, Renmai Tong, Tai Chongmai Sheng, the moon is now, so there is a son …"

The woman’s congenital kidney qi is full. By the age of fourteen, the innate reflection produces the heavenly Gui, and the menstruation is produced through the role of Tiangui.

"Renmai Tong, Taichongsheng Sheng" is also an important part of the menstrual period.Renmai is "the sea of yin pulse", and the blood of the company is strong; the punching pulse can regulate the twelve meridian qi and blood, also known as the blood sea.The blood of the second pulse is full of blood, and the blood sea can be filled on time, so that the blood cell palace can be overflowed, and menstruation can be produced.

Here, there are two key points: one is that the blood and blood are full, and the other is the smooth blood.

If some improper operations cause the human body’s qi and blood damage, or poor blood, or excessive activity, it will cause menstrual disorders.

When the girl is still a little girl, she will listen to the adults: Don’t be greedy, be careful of the stomach pain in the future.

Indeed, women’s menstruation is very afraid of cold.But greedy is just one of them.

Women’s menstrual periods are the most afraid of four things: one is the cold drinking cold, the second is the over -spicy, the third is excessive emotional, and the fourth is the imbalance of work and rest.

-Shogkin cold and blood-consolidation-

The so -called cold, in fact, is too cool, or stay in a cold environment for a long time, or contact cold things.For example, the "beautiful frozen people" in the cold and cold, the residence is too cold, the cold water, touch the cold water, etc.

The so -called cold, as the name suggests, is that the food you eat and drink is too cold.Doctor Xu also emphasizes one point here: cold is not simply referring to temperature and nature.For example, green tea, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, dandelion, bitter gourd, bitter chrysanthemum, watermelon, persimmon, crab, soda, etc. are all cold foods.In addition, foods such as grapes and yogurt are too moist, and it is not advisable to eat more.

Cold drinking can lead to the increased resistance of human blood, such as people in the water, leading to stagnation of qi and blood, and poor blood veins.

Especially during menstruation, the human body’s blood and air are false, and the cold evil is easy to enter.When you were young, because of his own yang and vigorous vitality, he may not show more severe symptoms. However, as people grow older, the yang gradually declines, and the problem of palace cold will gradually appear.Some infertility, dysmenorrhea, fibroids, and menstrual disorders are related to this cold.

-The spicy excessive force-

The diet is too spicy, high -calorie, fat and sweet, drinking, smoking, etc., which will cause the human body to be strong.

Fire will bring vitality, but the firepower is too prosperous, which will lead to the vitality of qi and blood. The term traditional Chinese medicine is called "thermal blood", which will cause the human blood to accelerate.Menstruation is large, menstruation is advanced in advance, and endlessness is related to this fire.

-The emotional excitement is stagnant-

People are not ruthless, and general emotional fluctuations, the human body can quickly repairs themselves.

But when emotional is too excited, it exceeds the ability of its own adjustment, which can easily lead to imbalance of human gas machines.For example, anger leads to the inverse of the air machine, and even the blood rises with the qi; sadness causes qi and blood to be injured; terror causes the gas machine to be chaotic; anxiety causes the gas machine to stagnate, transportation and misconduct …

During the menstruation, women’s sperm and blood deficiency, decreased ability to calm down emotions, can easily lead to excessive emotional enlargement, further affect the operation of human qi and blood, and cause menstrual disorders.

Some problems such as advanced menstruation, errors, dripping, and dysmenorrhea are mostly related to emotion.

-An labor and imbalance qi and blood injury-

Excessive fatigue will cause the human body to be inadequate and qi and blood deficiency.

Stay up late, long -term vision, excessive labor injury and sperm blood, physical activity excessively hurt bones and bones, and lose qi and blood.Excessive comfort can lead to poor human gas machines, maintain more blood and blood to maintain normal operation, and ultimately cause qi and blood injury.

Therefore, whether it is overworked or over, it will cause damage to the qi and blood of the human body.

Some menstrual flow, light color, early, wrong, dysmenorrhea, etc. are related to the imbalance of labor and rest.

In fact, what is the most closely related to health is our lives, and we are always in life.Pay more attention in life, regulate the work in time, regulate emotions, avoid the cold and heat, and the aunt can have no trouble.

As for the use of medication, it is the method of "dying sheep to make up", and the drug is just auxiliary. Don’t pin the hope on the medicine.

Take a sugar chestnut: Five or six years ago, a young girl came to regulate menstruation. The menstruation had not been reported for one year. Due to fertility requirements, various traditional Chinese medicines and western medicines did not work.Later, the girl was told to stop the medicine temporarily, adjust from life, strictly regularly diet and rest, relax, and insist on exercising every day. In less than a month, menstruation comes, and weight loss has also been reduced.After that, the girl insisted on good work and schedules, and her aunt had been reported on time, and she became pregnant soon.During the epidemic last year, she was still lamented when she brought a three -year -old baby to the clinic: I never expected that I took the medicine for more than half a year than the regular life than a month.

Dear fairies, you may wish to take a look at his usual diet life. Pay more attention. The aunt has no trouble.

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