What are the main items for inspection during pregnancy?

What are the main items for testing during pregnancy? During pregnancy examination is an indispensable item before gardening for pregnant women. It can be found out of the defects and diseases of pregnant women early. The shortcomings of the fetus can be taken in advance.Assure.

Pregnancy examination items:

1. Routine blood test.It is mainly to determine whether the expectant mothers are anemia. The normal value is 100g/L -160g/L.Mild anemia has little impact on mothers and childbirth. Severe anemia can cause adverse consequences such as premature birth and low weight.

2. Routine urine examination.If you find red blood cells and white blood cells, it is possible to have the possibility of urinary tract infection, which needs to be paid attention. If it is accompanied by symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, etc., it needs to be treated in time.

3, liver and kidney function examination.These are mainly to check whether expectant mothers have diseases such as hepatitis and nephritis. The burden on the liver and kidney is increased during pregnancy. If the above indicators exceed the normal range, the liver and kidney function are not normal. Pregnancy will make the original disease "worsening".

4. B ultrasound.The B -ultrasound is also a must -check item for pregnant women’s pregnancy. Generally, it does not exceed five times. It can mainly check whether the pregnant woman is ectopic pregnancy, eliminate the deformity and check the fetal cerebellum, kidney, stomach bubbles, and heart four cavity.

5. ECG.Checking the ECG test can check whether the heart function of the pregnant woman can withstand pregnancy and childbirth and eliminate cardiac diseases. Generally, two ECG tests need to be performed twice during pregnancy, most of which are 32-34 weeks of pregnancy and during childbirth.

6. Donaldia screening.The incidence of Donaldia is 1/800, which is a common chromosomal abnormal disease. Because the 21st pair of chromosomes is caused by one more. In addition to the problem of intellectual development, Baby Tang is often accompanied by other organs.Innate abnormalities.

7, syphilis serological test.Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by syphilis spiral bodies.If the expectant mother suffers from syphilis, it can be passed directly to the fetus through the placenta, which may cause neonatal to be congenital syphilis.

8. AIDS’s serum examination.AIDS is a literal name of obtaining sexual immune defect syndrome. It is a serious immune deficiency disease. The pathogen is HIV virus.Normal prospective mother HIV antibody is negative.

9. Bacterial examination of gonorrhea.Gonorrhea is a disease caused by bispiococcus mobilization. It is directly transmitted through unclean sexual intercourse. It can also be transmitted through clothing, pots, and equipment contaminated by gonorrhea. It can also be transmitted to the newborn through the mother’s birth canal.

10. Hepatitis B (HBV) virus science.Among the viral hepatitis, the incidence of hepatitis B is the highest. In the early pregnancy, early pregnancy can increase the reaction of early pregnancy, and it is easy to develop into acute severe hepatitis, which is life -threatening.Hepatitis B virus can infect the fetus through placenta, and the probability of maternal and infant transmission is more than 90%.

11. Physical examination.Comprehensively understand the physical condition of pregnant women during pregnancy.

12. Gow -shaped worm test.Mainly for people with pet habits. In about 3 months of pregnancy, you must have a TORCH test. Many mammals may transmit toxoplasma.Cat puppy, it is best to do this test for insurance.

13, fetal heart monitoring.Starting from the 37th week of pregnancy, expectant mothers have to do fetal heart monitoring once a week, and use the instrument to record the changes in instantaneous fetal heart rate. This is the basis for understanding the fetal heart response during fetal movement and contraction.Whether there is no hypoxia.

14. Confirm the fetal position.It is a very important test before giving birth. The doctor will tell you that the fetus is the head (first first exposed), the hip position (hip first dew), or other abnormal fetal positions.This is an important basis for determining the natural delivery of expectant mothers or surgery.Before giving birth, expectant mothers have to do a comprehensive inspection, understand the knowledge of production, and do a good job of "paving" for the baby’s smooth coming to the world.

Reminder: For each pregnant woman, provide the whole process of care during pregnancy and escort the health of the baby. You can also record the baby’s 0 -year -old growth record through the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound.

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