What are the hazards of the ring?


1. Bringing a ring may cause uterine perforation

Some women cause the symptoms of uterine perforation after the belt ring, and the mechanism of this symptom is not very clear.It is generally considered to be caused by inconsistent uterine size and improper operation when doctors are in the ring.Because the shape of the birth ring is relatively sharp, if women do more intense exercise, it is easy to cause damage to the uterus due to physical inertia, and the contraction of unknown causes can also cause damage to the uterus.

2. The ring may cause more menstrual blood

As a result, the increase in menstrual blood is also one of the side effects of the belt, because some of the production materials of some hetero -saving rings contain copper ions. These copper ions have cytotoxicity and hemolysis effect, which will cause menstrual blood to increase and blood flow.

3. Extremely damage to the birthplace

In some cases, if the birthpool causes the uterus perforation, the birthpool may also enter the abdominal area from perforation, which will cause damage to other organs.The birthplace will be different to the bladder, pelvic cavity, and intestinal membrane.

4. Bringing ring may cause endometrial fibrosis lesions

When a foreign body appears in a person’s body, it will cause local tissue mechanical damage, chronic inflammation, and fibrous lesions. When the ring is banded, the birthplace is placed in the body.It may cause endometrial fibrosis lesions.Generally, the endometrium fibrosis lesions are generally caused by 10 to 12 years after the ring.

5. The ring may cause ectopic pregnancy

The contraceptive effect of the ring can only prevent normal pregnancy in the palace, and there is no effect on the prevention of ectopic pregnancy and cannot be avoided.If the embryo is already implanting in the fallopian tube and does not reach the uterus, it will cause ectopic pregnancy.The breeder used in a ring, its contraceptive principle is to change the internal environment of the uterus, only in the uterus to play a local role.

6. The ring may also cause the ring to get pregnant

The purpose of the original ring is contraception. However, the contraceptive method of wearing a ring in the palace is compared to oral contraceptives and has sterilization.There will be symptoms of pregnancy.Women still need to take precautionary measures after the ring to prevent pregnancy from pregnancy.(Picture source: Vision China)

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