What are the differences between babies born at 38 weeks and 40 weeks of pregnancy?These points are very different

Friend Lili’s due date was in September. When I was chatting with her a few days ago, she told me that she wanted to let the baby born in advance, so that the child would not need to go to elementary school for one year later.We all know that children must be six years old to go to elementary school. The start time of schools is generally on September 1st, and children born after September 1 can only wait for one year to go to elementary school.I told Lili that this would not be used. Children can go to elementary school one year or later.Although the fetus is 37 weeks, it is a full moon, but children born at 38 weeks and 40 weeks of pregnancy will be somewhat different.

Height and weight

For the fetus, staying in his mother’s stomach for one day, he can absorb more nutrition, and height and weight will increase.Especially in the third trimester, the tall height and weight growth is the fastest. Therefore, the baby born at all 40 weeks is larger than the baby born in 38 weeks.If you want to make the fetus better, at 38 weeks of pregnancy, the mother should not rush to "unload", so that the baby will be more fat after birth.

Development of lung and brain

After the baby is born, he has to breathe autonomously. His lung development determines breathing. The baby’s lungs at 38 weeks of pregnancy have just begun to develop and mature. In comparison, the baby who is 40 weeks of pregnancy will have stronger breathing ability.The baby will be healthier after birth.In addition, staying in the mother’s belly for a long time, the baby’s brain nerve development will be more complete, and the baby may be smarter after birth.Therefore, it is not a special case to have a caesarean section, it is best to wait for the baby to give birth naturally.


Some mothers will want the baby to be born in advance because of the baby’s school problem, and some mothers want to choose a "good day" for the baby to let the baby born in advance. Thinking that this can affect the baby’s destiny, of course, there is no scientific basis.If the organs in the baby have not yet developed, after birth, his constitution will be worse, so that the mother will likely take him to the hospital for three days.For the baby’s health considerations, his mother also let him stay in his stomach for a while.


The fetus is in the mother, soaked by amniotic fluid for a long time, and the skin is wrinkled when it was born.Some babies have a white thing on the surface of the baby. This substance is fetal fat, which has a protective effect on the baby’s skin.After 38 weeks, fetal fats start to fall off, so the skin of the baby who is born later will look cleaner.

It is best to give birth when the fetus is born. If you have to have a cesarean section, you must determine the baby’s birth time based on his own situation. Do not affect the fetal development for some small things.

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