What are the causes of insomnia after pregnancy? Some reasons cannot be ignored

As we all know, the process of being a expectant mother is very hard. Some people will swell at both hands and feet. Drag a big belly every day, and sleep at night is not good.So many expectant mothers love insomnia after pregnancy, but what is the reason for insomnia?

Hormone change

Women who are pregnant are more sensitive and psychologically sensitive, and the tolerance for stress will also be reduced. It often melancholy and insomnia. This is caused by changes in hormone levels in the body.The hormones that affect the human body during pregnancy are mainly estrogen and progesterone, which will cause pregnant women to be emotional, excessive pressure of the ambassador fetus, or the defects of vision, hearing and intelligence.Therefore, moderate pressure adjustment and family’s consideration and care are very important for stabilizing pregnant women.

Frequent urine

Pregnant women often have frequent urination.Half of pregnant women may be frequent in the early stages of pregnancy, but in the later period, nearly 80%of pregnant women are troubled by frequent urination, and they will get up to run to the toilet at night, which seriously affects sleep quality.Most of the frequent urination is due to the increased uterine compression of the bladder, so that pregnant women always have "urine".In addition, there are psychological factors or lesions of certain organs, such as emotional tension or bladder urethritis.

Many pregnant women find that their secretions increase or frequent urination, they think that the normal phenomenon has not been treated, or she is worried that taking medicine will affect the healthy development of the fetus and refuse to see a doctor. In the end, it may lead to serious consequences such as abortion.Therefore, pregnant women must pay attention to whether there are other infections at the same time, such as colds, Candida vaginitis.Insufficient resistance may come from the overwriting of the immune system. Emotional instability and excessive pressure are one of the reasons.In addition to adjusting psychological pressure, it is best for pregnant mummy to pay attention to avoid irritating diet, use chemicals, inflammation, allergies, etc., which will increase psychological discomfort and increase frequent urination.

Effect of dietary transformation

Change of dietary habits also affects the quality of sleep during pregnancy, and a balanced diet is important.Foods that affect emotions, such as coffee, tea, fried foods, etc., especially saturated fatty acids in foods can change hormone secretion in the body, causing a lot of discomfort.As long as pregnant women eat something 3 hours before falling asleep, they can improve sleep quality in most cases.And expectant mothers should pay more attention to their "sleep help food", do not eat too cold food before going to bed."Sleeping Food" recipe: a staple food, a piece of milk, a piece of egg, beans, and fish.

food allergy

Allergies are the cause of insomnia that is easier to be ignored, especially allergic reactions to food can cause the burden on the immune system.Some people may know that when they eat certain foods, they will immediately itch the skin and rash, and of course they exclude these foods outside the menu.However, there is also an allergic reaction called delayed allergic reactions, which is caused by long -term repeated intake of some foods, such as milk, dairy products, eggs, sesame and other foods. The symptoms are not very obvious., Sore muscle joints, etc.At this time, pregnant women will have emotional tension and insomnia. At this time, pay special attention to the choice of food.

Cramps during sleep

In the late pregnancy, many pregnant moms often have cramps, which also affects the quality of sleep.The cramps are mostly related to sleeping posture, and it is usually prone to cramps when the feet are down.In addition, it may also be related to local blood circulation and blood pH.Generally, normal blood is slightly alkaline. If emotional is unstable, too much sweets and meat in the diet, it is easy to make the blood sore, causing imbalance of electrolytes and causing local muscle cramps.

If you often cramp in sleep, you must adjust your sleeping position, sleep asleep as far as possible, and pay attention to the warmth of the lower limbs.In addition, eating more vegetables and fruits, and eating less animal protein, fine starch (such as white bread, white rice, sweets, etc.) can reduce the problem of imbalance of blood acid and alkali.In case of cramps, you can also ask your family to help hot compresses and massage to relieve the pain of cramps and fall asleep earlier.

After reading the article, we know what the cause of insomnia after pregnancy. These reasons cannot be ignored. Once ignored, we may have a series of impacts on the fetus and pregnant women. In order to make the baby healthy, we must not ignore it.

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