What about the stomach pain and constipation of pregnant mothers?##

In the morning, I came in a big stomach pregnant mother. After sitting down, I touched my belly clockwise and told me that I had been pregnant for 35 weeks. I often have stomach pain and dare not take medicine. What should I do?

There are many reasons for stomach pain in the late pregnancy. For example, the gradual increased uterus will squeeze a certain squeeze to each organs. The stomach may be affected and painful. Pregnant women usually eat improperly, or food that is difficult to digest food can cause stomach pain.Essence

In the late stages of stomach pain, the enlarged uterus compresses the stomach, and the volume of the stomach becomes smaller. After eating, it will cause stomach discomfort. If you eat a little more, you will feel uncomfortable or even painful.Therefore, it is recommended to eat only a small amount of food and a few more meals for each meal.

Of course, there are some pathological conditions, such as gastritis or gastric ulcers, and even the obvious discomfort caused by a stomach caused by tumors in the stomach. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to invite digestive surgeons for consultation.

Therefore, the stomach pain in pregnant women is caused by pregnancy. In order to eliminate whether there are some other diseases in other subjects, when necessary, the relevant departments must be invited to consult and investigate.Ensure the safety of the mother’s fetus.

The pregnant mother understood it, and she asked again, what should I do if the constipation is serious after pregnancy?

Many pregnant mothers during pregnancy will have the symptoms of constipation, because many of the discomforts in the pregnant mother during pregnancy have a great relationship with the changes in hormone levels in the body. The changes in hormones make the uterine smooth muscle relaxing, suppressing the uterine contraction and protecting the fetus to avoid abortion, but at the same timeIt also slows down the digestive process, the food stays in the stomach for too long, the intestinal peristalsis slows down, and the increased uterine compressor intestinal can affect the peristalsis, which will often cause constipation.Trouble is hemorrhoids.

There are many reasons that affect constipation during pregnancy, and hormone changes are just one of them.Lack of exercise, high pressure during pregnancy, and excessive diet will cause constipation during pregnancy.

How to do it?

To reduce constipation during pregnancy, you need to drink plenty of water, exercise appropriately, swimming and walking are a good way to relieve constipation during pregnancy.Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. You can eat more blueberries, fresh jujube, apples, oranges and green leafy vegetables during pregnancy.Diet should not be too refined. Eat some coarse grains and crude fiber foods to develop the habit of stooling regularly every day.

If the dietary adjustment effect is not good, the constipation is still very serious, you can take drugs or use Kaelu under the guidance of a doctor.But do not take laxatives!

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