What about pregnant women’s hemorrhoids?

There is a saying in China "ten people and nine hemorrhoids", which is not exaggerated at all. Hemorrhoids are diseases that most people may suffer from, which includes pregnant women.The occurrence of hemorrhoids is related to sedentary, diet, bowel movements and other factors. Therefore, the cause must be found to find a suitable treatment method. Because pregnant women are special groups, they need to be cautious on treating hemorrhoids. Let’s take a look at pregnant women together.What should I do if I have hemorrhoids!

Hemorrhoids occur during pregnancy. We must pay attention to it. Mild hemorrhoids only affect the stool. If severe ones may be blood in the stool, if the blood in the stool is long, it will cause anemia for pregnant women, which will cause dizziness and shortness of breath.Affect fetal development.

1. Develop good bowel habits

After pregnant women have hemorrhoids, care is the most important, because pregnant women are not suitable for medication, it is best not to treat it through drugs.You can develop good bowel habits first, and defecate every morning, and persist in defecation whether there is any intention or not. This can reduce the accumulation of stools, prevent constipation, and reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.Do not work too hard during bowel movements, be patient and mild defecation.

2. Reasonable diet improves hemorrhoids

The onset of hemorrhoids has a lot to do with the diet, especially for pregnant women. Drink plenty of water every day. The diet must be regular and light.In the morning, it is best to eat porridge and vegetarian buns. Lunch should be matched with vegetables. The staple food should contain a kind of coarse grains. Dinner is mainly soup, and eat less staple food.Daily meals and fruits try to choose more moisture and less sugar, which can not only reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines, but also help fetal development.Do not daily big fish, big meat, big oil, and big oil. These foods can cause constipation and cause hemorrhoids.

3. Take care after daily bowel movements

Pregnant women with hemorrhoids should do a good job of cleaning after defecation daily, and do a good job in perianal cleaning after defecation. You can rinse it with anorectal cleaner, and then wash the anus in water.EssenceIt should be noted that the perianal skin is very delicate and sensitive to temperature. It can stimulate the perianal skin of the perianal.At the same time, if you bleed after the occurrence, you need to wipe and disinfect it with anal disinfection towel to completely kill the germs.

4. Drug treatment method of hemorrhoids

Most of the hemorrhoids of pregnant women are caused by constipation. Therefore, when treating hemorrhoids, the first is to treat constipation. It can be relieved by anal injection, but it should not be used for a long time and will generate dependence.If the constipation is good, hemorrhoids are naturally good. If hemorrhoids are already serious and have blood in the stool, you can go to the hospital’s anorectal examination. Do not use the medicine by yourself to avoid affecting the development of the fetus. Generally, the hemorrhoids of pregnant women are recommended for postpartum treatment.

5. Appropriate exercise

Many people often sit for a long time or stand for a long time due to work reasons. This is not only the cause of hemorrhoids, but also the reason why hemorrhoids intensify.Therefore, do not stand or sit for a long time, walk around, do exercises, and adhere to anal lifting exercise for 20 rounds daily.When sitting for a long time, use the anus to promote healing on the seat to ensure the ventilation and ventilation of the anus, prevent bacteria from breeding, and promote healing.In addition, medical -grade materials can stabilize support, while increasing the hollow area, ensuring overhead anus, avoid compressing edema and wound parts, thereby reducing pain.

Although hemorrhoids are not major diseases, it will affect the quality of life of pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women still need to be treated in time. In addition to daily care and drug treatment, they can also drink plenty of water and eat foods with high cellulose content to improve.In addition, appropriate exercise can also increase intestinal peristalsis and reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

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